President’s Report – The Unofficial Start of the HPSC Year

Dear Friends

It is finally September!!  As it did when we were growing up, September signifies somewhat of an unofficial new year.  I hope that everyone has been able to stay safe and healthy through the off season and are looking forward as much as I am to this new year!

As I mentioned in the last SnoBiz, September is the time to start to renew your connection to High Park Ski Club.  For those who chose not to join last year for COVID related reasons, we understand, and sincerely hope that based on the actions and policies put into place by the club you will seriously consider rejoining us this season. 

For members who had their membership deferred last season, you do not have to pay for this season . . . but we do need you to acknowledge the HPSC Code of Conduct, waiver, concussion protocol, and your vaccination status.  You do this by logging into, clicking on your name in the upper right corner, and then to Edit profile.  This will allow you to checkmark the appropriate documents.

For those who graciously invested your 2020/21 membership to the club, we again thank you, and hope you will rejoin this year.   

If you are fully vaccinated, you can then send in your vaccination proof to or meet up with a member of the membership team to show your proof.  Please see the article below for locations the membership team (including myself) will be available for you to show your document. 

This is also the time of year that we start to make announcements regarding the upcoming season – so PLEASE do read all of the articles in each of edition of SnoBiz to stay informed!


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

In-person Vaccination verification locations for September 2-16

Get the Jab – Graffiti Alley Photo by JK Graham

As announced in the last SnoBiz, the HPSC board has decided that we will need proof of full vaccination at some point during the fall to allow members to participate in almost all in-person HPSC events this coming season. 

While many other organizations can ask for proof “at the door” we are not able to do that.  However, for those who are uncomfortable emailing their proof to the special email address ( the membership team will be available for in-person vaccination verification at various locations throughout the fall, including almost every Saturday in High Park after SkiFit. 

If you cannot make it to any of the in-person events and are uncomfortable emailing your document please send a message to requesting a personal Zoom call to show us your document. 

In each SnoBiz we will announce where and when we will be available during the following two weeks for in person verification.  Between September 2 and September 16, you can stop by to show your vaccination proof at:

Saturday September 4

High Park – Look for us at one of the benches on the west side of the park near the main Bloor Street entrance


Thursday September 9

Bloor Islington Place (3280 Bloor Street West) – Bottom of the stairs below GoodLife Fitness


Saturday September 11 (Post SkiFit)

High Park – Look for us at one of the benches on the west side of the park near the main Bloor Street entrance


Thursday September 16

Berczy Park – by the Dog Fountain (Front St. E and Scott St.)


President’s Report – Anticipation for the new season!!

Dear HPSC Friends,

As we approach the end of the summer, my mind turns back to when I was growing up.  This time of year always brought both the excitement of the CNE and visiting cousins, and the anticipation of returning to school. As a member of HPSC the end of the summer means renewal time, finding out about the trips planned by the club for the upcoming season, and the start of SkiFit.  For all of this to happen, your club volunteers have been busy over the summer working, arranging, and planning for the upcoming season. 

In the next couple of weeks, you will be receiving an email from our Membership team regarding confirming your membership for the upcoming year.  For those who did not join last year due to COVID concerns, we truly hope you will rejoin this year.  For those who had their membership deferred, we will still require you to read and acknowledge the HPSC Code of Conduct, club waiver, and Rowan’s Law statement.  And for those who graciously invested their membership fee back to the club, we thank you and hope you will choose to renew your membership for 2021/22. 

As we announced last month, to participate in almost all in-person club activities this year you will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Please read the full article for further information on this policy.

Moving into the fall, in upcoming editions of SnoBiz (and subsequently via our social media channels) we will be making a number of important announcements regarding the season so I urge you to read the all of the articles in each SnoBiz and click on the longer articles in the club Blog.   

We all look forward getting back to somewhat normal over the next few months and building excitement for the 2021/22 season!


Justin Graham, President, HPSC

So you are vaccinated . . . now what?

As announced earlier in the summer, the HPSC Board made the decision that to protect the health of other club members and volunteers, in order to participate in most in-person club events this season you will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID.  

The first step will be to attest to your vaccination status on your member profile page, at the same time you acknowledge the Code of Conduct, Waiver, and Rowan’s law declaration after September 1st when membership renewal occurs.  Any falsification of vaccination status will be considered as a breach of the HPSC Code of Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary review

However, without confirmation of vaccination status the Long Trips Committee will not be able to arrange roommates or run close to full buses, that allow us to control the costs of trips. Or allow other portfolios to ensure only those fully vaccinated are participating in events. 

Therefore, as a second step at some point during the fall, we are asking that members provide our membership team with proof of your vaccination status (i.e. 2nd shot vaccination certificate or federal vaccination passport announced last week) by emailing it to  Only those on the membership team will have access to these emails and once they confirm your status by reviewing your document, all of your documents and emails will be deletedThe club will not be storing your private vaccination record.


For those concerned about privacy, on the vaccination certificate, we only need to see the following information: Name; Date of 2nd vaccination; Agent (COVID-19); Dose – 2 of 2.  All of the rest of the information can be blacked out. 

If you feel uncomfortable in emailing your documentation, we will also be arranging for numerous in-person events (i.e. after each week’s SkiFit; other nights during the week at locations around the city) when you can show the membership team your proof, and they will note your status.  If you cannot meet in person and are concerned about emailing your documents, we can arrange for a personal Zoom call where you can show your document.  We will NOT be recording or taking screen shots.

Please note that to register for charter or long trips at our signup nights in September and October you will need to have at least attested on your member profile that you are fully vaccinated. As with all members you will also need to provide your vaccination document at some point prior during the fall. If you are not fully vaccinated by trip signup night, you will not be able to register for trips until you are (if spots are still available).  If you have not had your second shot yet and want to sign up for charter or long trips, please arrange for your second shot so as soon as possible. At that point you can update your member profile page and send in/arrange to show us your vaccination proof document.

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to send in your vaccination proof right away.  If you feel more comfortable doing so when the Federal vaccination passport becomes available that is fine.  We just need to review your document prior to your first in-person event (please allow at least 5 days for our team to review and confirm your status – we are all volunteers so it might take time to get to).  If you are signing up for a long or charter trip it should be before full payment.

For charter trips, you will likely be required to provide the newly announced federal vaccination passport to our tour company partners. As well, last week the Federal government also announced that proof of vaccination will be required for travel, including domestically, by plane, train, etc. And it makes sense to assume that long distance bus trips should also be included. 

If you CANNOT be vaccinated due to a medical condition, and can provide a doctors note to our membership team simply stating this (without any medical diagnosis information) you will be able to have limited participation in club events this year, (i.e. drive up for a day trip and participate in lessons).  However, as announced earlier you will not be able to register for any long or charter trips, or to go on the bus for daytrips.

We acknowledge that members have the free choice to not be vaccinated; however, we as the directors of the club have the duty to protect the health and safety of our club members and volunteers to the best of our ability.  Until the pandemic is declared over in Canada, the best option for protection and moving to a more ‘normal’ environment is vaccination.  If you are dissatisfied with this policy, we are truly sorry.  We can, upon request, if you choose, to defer your membership for another year or refund your membership fee (however, your club seniority would be maintained), and we will welcome you back once pandemic measure are lifted.     

Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

Appointment of HPSC Ombudsperson

I am pleased to announce that long time member Kerry Kupecz has agreed to take on the role of HPSC Ombudsperson.  The role of the Ombudsperson is to be the first point of contact for members who wish to report a breach of the club Code of Conduct.  The Ombudsperson role is separate from the Board of Directors to ensure independence and when required confidentiality. 

Each year all members are required to read and acknowledge the Club Code of Conduct.  If you notice a member whose behavior does not meet our club code of conduct, please contact the HPSC Ombudsperson by email at with the person’s name and a brief note on his or her behavior. Your concern will be handled with discretion.

As a reminder, the main points of the HPSC Code of Conduct are:

1. Club members are responsible for respecting the integrity and dignity of each and every club member, as well as our suppliers including tour operators, resort personnel, and bus drivers.

Members maintain a companionable environment that is free of profane, sexist or sexually explicit language, threats, violence, or hurtful actions.

Members are committed to making HPSC an inclusive organization. We do not promote or perpetuate discrimination based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, marital status, family status or disability. We are accepting of all, within the limits of our skills, abilities, and resources. We are open to learning from others.

2. A member’s behavior at club events and on club-related social media reflects upon our club. Members are required to abide by local laws; our club code of conduct, policies and by-laws; and the policies of our venues, resorts, transportation providers and other partners.

3. Members are responsible for providing accurate and honest information. A member shall not share his or her login information or disclose any personal information about HPSC members to others, outside of the tasks necessary to run the club.

4. Members are responsible for paying any fees associated with trips or events they have committed to, regardless of whether they attend the event. Each member assumes full responsibility for any damages he or she may cause while participating in a club event. Each member is responsible for the safety and security of his or her own health and belongings.


President’s Report – Moving Ahead!

“Towards the Future”, High Park, August 2020 Photo by JK Graham

Dear HPSC Friends

This past weekend I was lucky enough to sit in the sunshine at a Blue Jays game, and I am really looking forward to later this month when my beloved Argos again play at BMO Field.  The point I am trying to make is that the province is slowing starting to re-open (figures crossed).  And the more people who are fully vaccinated the quicker the province will be able to move forward. 

With reopening and returning to a more ‘normal’ environment, the work of your HPSC Directors and volunteers continues on to plan for the upcoming season.

The Long Trips Committee is hard at work finalizing the details for our schedule of long and charter trips. Details of the trips should be posted by early September.  By the way, we are also looking for a new east end long trips pick up location since the one at U of T Scarborough will not be available to us.  If you have any suggestions, please contact Director of Long Trips, Bill Bates, at .

Both the Cross-Country and Downhill teams are busy working with their resort partners in planning for the upcoming year.  And we are very hopeful we will be able to host some in-person information events and different social events throughout the season.  And the return of our traditional year-end Last Tracks dinner-dance in April 2022 to celebrate our 70th+2 Anniversary. 

As well, with a more normal season, we also anticipate once again returning to providing you with a regular schedule of SnoBiz starting with this edition.  Please read through the articles in this edition and click on the links to the longer articles in the club Blog.


Justin Graham, President, HPSC

Fitness Assessment Opportunity for HPSC Members

HPSC is happy to provide a special opportunity for members to access a professional fitness assessment and snow-sport-specific fitness program led by Stefan Overgaard, former member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Under-16 race coach at Osler Bluffs Ski Club, and owner of SXS Fitness in midtown Toronto.  Stefan provides fitness testing for Alpine Ontario, is a fitness trainer for athletes from a variety of sports, has his CSCF Level 3, CSIA Level 2, NCCP and a number of other certifications.  Stefan and his team also lead the Ski-Cross-Fit series for HPSC members.

This special opportunity involves a 2-hour fitness assessment on Saturday August 14th and a 1-hour fitness session on Sunday August 15th (both afternoons) with a specific focus on proper form.   The program is one part of a pilot project for the HPSC Snow School, but we wanted to make this available to all interested members.

If there is room and you would like to join us on the August 14-15 weekend, please register your interest at the following link:  HPSC – Interest in Professional Fitness Assessment

If there is enough interest, we may run a second session in September.  Note: At this time, you are indicating your interest only.   You will NOT be charged for the assessment and program until we determine capacity limits and the final price. 

We anticipate the cost per participant to be approximately $75 for the three hours and will also include a weekly exercise plan focusing on such aspects as strength, power, endurance, agility, coordination, mobility and injury prevention.  After you register your interest, you will receive an e-mail of timeslot availability and the final cost, which will depend on the number of participants. 

Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or getting back into a routine while working on rebuilding your fitness foundation, make this a part of your plan to get ready for the upcoming ski/snowboard/ snowshoe season.  

HPSC President’s Report: Please get the jab!

Dear HPSC friends

I sincerely hope that you and everyone in the HPSC community has had a safe and healthy spring!

There really appears to be a light at the end of this crazy year that we have all experienced.  Over the last few months, individual Ontarians have done a fantastic job of moving quickly to get vaccinated when eligible, including many HPSC members. It appears that whoever wants to be vaccinated will be able to get both shots by the beginning of the fall in September (if not sooner). 

Your HPSC board are moving forward with planning for the coming year based on the assumption that we will be able to have a much more normal season.  However, not everything will be exactly as it was in previous years. Like most organizations will have to, we have had to make a decision regarding who will be able to participate in club events for at least the upcoming 2021/22 season.

After consultation with our lawyer, the HPSC Board, in order to do our best to protect the safety of ALL HPSC members, have come to the decision that for the upcoming season in order to participate in any event involving enclosed spaces such as buses, planes, trains, hotels, restaurants etc. we will ONLY ALLOW THOSE WHO ARE FULLY VACCINATED TO PARTICIPATE.

We will be asking members to attest to their vaccination status and anyone who falsifies their status will be considered in breach of the HPSC Code of Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary action. 

The bottom line is that only those who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to book ANY of the Long or Charter trips, take the bus for daytrips, or attend any social events held indoors etc. 

Our lawyer has advised us that we need to provide some form of accommodation for members who CANNOT be vaccinated due to a health or religious reason.  Since transmission of COVID is much lower in outdoor settings (especially when masked) these members will still be able to participate in events held outside.  So, for example, they will be allowed to drive up for a daytrip, and take a lesson, but will not be able to take the bus. We will require these members to provide some form of proof from their doctor simply stating that for a health reason they cannot be vaccinated. 

Our specific policies on how day trips will be run will be worked out with our resort partners as they become clearer later in the summer and fall and will be communicated as soon as we can prior to the season.   As has been the case since the start of the pandemic HPSC will also monitor and follow the public health guidelines for Toronto and the location of any destination we are going to. 

While the future does seems brighter, what we have learned over the last year is that nothing is guaranteed. But getting vaccinated appears to be the best option for our society and for HPSC to get back closer to the normal we were accustomed to prior to the pandemic.   I urge all members to get both their shots as soon as they can! 

I am really looking forward to talking with as many HPSC members as possible in person during the coming season.


Justin Graham, President, High Park Ski Club

Memories of Tremblant . . . Priceless

By Stella Rossovskaia

Tremblant in my memory is a collection of the bright sparks of heartwarming moments . . . although Tremblant can be very cold at times. I remember the rays of early morning sunshine while gliding with friends on the perfect velvet corduroy of First Tracks.  Skiing Tremblant is like a smooth dance that travels around the mountain’s perfectly groomed wide slopes with stunning views. “Rising and falling” like perfect waltz steps in a sparkling ballroom of blue sky and crystal chandeliers of snow and ice on the trees.

The name, Mont Tremblant, was derived from the Algonquin people, who called it the “trembling mountain”.  “Climb every mountain”, “Edelweiss”, “Blue Danube” or other beautiful music is usually playing in my mind when I ski at Tremblant. These memories are of moments of love for life, dear friends, mountains, sunshine and the snow.

I remember finishing the descent of the mountain (on skis or hiking the snowshoeing trails) via Panache trails surrounded by the trees and chalets, crossing little bridges, inhaling the aroma of the pine trees and fireplaces. While skiing with our club’s expert instructors, I remember taking the deep dive on the St Bernard diamond run straight into the village, with the view ahead of colourful buildings, skiers & boarders lined up at the gondola and the vibrant après ski scene at the base of the mountain.

I saw a tiny picture in a travel magazine once of Tremblant and fell in love with the picturesque alpine village with the big snowy mountain. I learned cross country skiing in school and decided to go with the flow, travelling was my main inspiration.  I joined the club 14 years ago to travel to Tremblant. In my first season I took a few downhill lessons, made many friends and that March I felt like I was flying on the Tremblant slopes, with a crew of happy beginners just like me.

That same year I volunteered for the Long Trips Committee.  In my second year I lead a trip to Tremblant in March – perfect for spring skiing and to finish the season strongly after building my skills and confidence during the few months of winter.

Inspired by the people I have met in the club, and also by my favourite Cirque du Soleil, I organized an Après ski party trip with the theme “Tremblant du Soleil”.  We watched a mix of Cirque du Soleil shows and Warren Miller movies on the bus, sharing jokes and laughter. At the party, a few members surprised us with their creative outfits, accessories and make-up. Seeing everybody’s happy faces after great ski days – priceless. Those moments of friendship are unforgettable.

The history of Tremblant as a ski resort has started as a one man’s dream. Joseph Ryan, an explorer from a wealthy American family from Philadelphia, who came to the region looking for gold in 1938 with friends. They climbed to the summit of Mont Tremblant with skis wrapped in seal skins for traction. After an exhausting trek to the summit, it is said that Joseph Ryan vowed to transform the landscape into a world-class alpine village. Only one year later, his dream was realized. In 1939, Joseph Ryan opened the Mont Tremblant Lodge and installed the first lift chair. The history of the resort includes rising and falling moments, ambitious investments and bankruptcies. The village we know now was developed by Intrawest, which expanded the pedestrian village with architecture reminiscent of traditional Quebec and built new ski lifts, including the gondola . Other changes included building the Grand Manitou summit lodge and a casino located at the base of the Soleil trails. Intrawest also transformed Blue Mountain and Whistler. Tremblant and Whistler have held the title of  #1 Ski resorts in Eastern and overall North America, partially thanks to the beautiful and well planned villages.

HPSC has a long history with Tremblant. The club’s very first New Year’s Eve trip was to Mt. Tremblant to ring in the Centennial year in 1966-67. In the 1970s HPSC rented chalets in Tremblant (and also at Sutton and Blue Mountain).

I’ve been to Tremblant with the club many times. The most memorable trips being the 75th anniversary celebration of Tremblant and the year of our club’s 65th anniversary celebration. Some of the most precious moments for me are singing on the bus “Those were the days, my friends” – a song our members used to sing at the end of each day on overnight trips during the ‘60s and ‘70s; a tradition now forgotten, although remembered and shared with me by our instructors; as well as waltzing down and singing Blue Danube out loud and of course dancing.

Any Tremblant experience must include après ski at Place Saint-Bernard plaza with a live concert or DJ on stage in the spring and dancing at Le P’tit Caribou. We usually form a large circle on the dance floor and lead the dance starting early on and leaving just in time to rest before First Tracks the next day. The key is to dance until the point that you’ll be “steaming” when leaving Le P’tit Caribou on your short walk to the hotel.

We are living through trying times now, which brings out the best in people inspired with community spirit. By sharing our memories about the past and dreams about future happy moments with the club we celebrate life, elevate our spirit and generate positive energy to get through the last stages of this pandemic. 

Cheers dear friends to future club trips to Tremblant and many memorable adventures. Our club will be always part of Tremblant history: View this wonderful video of the early days of Tremblant:

Stella, Long Trips Committee volunteer

My Favourite HPSC Trip . . . Jackson Hole 2015

By Christine Bellerose

Jackson Hole, Wyoming March 2015

I have been on many wonderful trips with HPSC and can remember all of them for tons of different reasons, the people, the snow, the resort, the weather, the food… one that stands out in my memory for all of the above is Jackson Hole, March 2015.

This is the trip where…

– One member arrived in a wheelchair but left the trip standing up after days of skiing!

– One member arrived standing up, skied a number of days and left in a wheelchair after breaking a leg at Grand Targhee but still a good sport!

– One member had to be rescued by patrollers after attempting to go down a chute; no, not Corbets Couloir. No name, you know who you are 😆!

– One member was left behind, at the huge 😉Jackson Hole airport on the way back home!

Jackson Hole, Wyoming March 2015

– At least twenty members made it to the Après every day, thanks to some dedicated skiers who stopped early to save us a table!

– We celebrated St Pattys as if COVID had never existed!

While there was the great Jackson Hole skiing, the spirit of the members made this trip a memorable week for all, great skiing and partying! That is what our trips are about! Soon to come again!