HPSC Snow School had another tremendous training and teaching season!

Let’s only remember the 406 classes taught, the many programs offered, the sooo popular Saturday races at Mount St Louis Moonstone. Your CSIA and CASI qualified instructors continued to train at Tremblant and in Ontario to bring you safe, productive and fun lessons.Our 51 ski and snowboard instructors want to thank all HPSC members for your enthusiastic participation in our daily trips lessons and Canadian overnight trips guidance.A few special instructor achievements deserve our warmest congratulations:

Laura Shepherd – full Level 3!
David Manning – Course conductor for Level 1 courses 
+ CSIA Ontario and National – HPSC Instructor of the year
Mike Romano – accepted in the Level 4 academy
Matt Diamond – CSIA (skiing) Level 2
Carmen Lopes – CASI (snowboarding) Level 2

We hope to see you all again in our lessons next winter!

You asked and we listened!  By popular demand!  This is not a Club Med trip!

HPSC returns to Niseko, Japan for 2025 from Wednesday, January 8th to Sunday, January 19th. Pricing and sign-up details will be available soon. Once again, our trip leader will be a very experienced Japan traveller with skill in navigating the streets and subways of Tokyo.

Fact: Japan receives the world’s most snowfall! Why risk another ski season?


Experience 3 full days in Tokyo (4 nights) and experience the sights and bright lights of Tokyo, as well the exceptional food and service that Japan is renowned for. 

You’ll spend 5 days skiing in the Niseko area. IKON pass holders will have 5 days of free lift access with your pass at Niseko United resorts.

This trip is modular! If you want to stay longer in Japan and tour around, you can book a personal extension for this trip. You can use your airline points to book your airfare!We will be hosting 2 video calls in the next 2-3 weeks to answer questions and walk you through what to expect. We will have pricing information for the calls. Stay tuned!

If you are interested contact don.lefresne@gmail.com to get times and details for the calls.

President’s Message – The end of the HPSC year!

Dear Friends,

This time of year is always bittersweet – April 30th represents the end of our official year, but also the beginning of the off season when many of our members join other clubs to stay active. Some cycle, play tennis or pickleball, sail, hike, etc. In many cases their ski club friends are also members of these other clubs so they are able to stay in touch. Other times this means the end of seeing your winter friends until next season. 

While our official year ends on April 30th, it also represents the start of next season. Much of the planning for next season is done over the summer and finalized in the fall. Please keep reading SnoBiz during the summer months when we go down to a once a month schedule, to stay informed about the club. 

An important event at the end of the club year is the Annual Election Night, this year on Tuesday,  April 30th.  As in the past few years, we are running a hybrid meeting where you can attend via Zoom or in person at the National Yacht Club. If you haven’t already done so, please register here. Without quorum, we cannot officially hold the election and therefore cannot conduct any business on behalf of the club such as sign contracts or arrange events. If you plan to attend virtually, you need to register by 11:59 pm on Monday, April 29th. You will be sent the link on Tuesday. 

One area where we have changed over the years is the announcements of charter and long trips for next season. In the past we would announce all of the trips in late August or early September to allow members and potential members the information prior to joining the club. With the advent of the Ikon pass we have been trying to allow our members/potential members to have a good sense of what trips we have arranged to allow them to purchase an Ikon pass at the best price. 

This is the reason we put the special 75th Anniversary trip to Sun Valley on sale last week, prior to the Ikon pass price increase. This is also what I am calling the “President’s Choice” trip since I will be the Trip Leader. The response has been very good over the last week, with the trip selling strongly. 

I am looking forward to seeing many of you next week at the election night, and over the summer.  Next year will be our 75th Anniversary and I am hoping it will be one of the best seasons ever for High Park Ski Club. 

Since this is the last SnoBiz of the year, I want to end my message saying one more time how grateful I am that all of you made the decision to join High Park Ski Club this season and hope that you will rejoin next season when membership renewals go out in September. 


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

Long Trips

Thanks to everyone who made our 2023/24 season such a success! The Ikon Pass pricing will go up as of April 18, so we want to give you a sneak peak at our next season so you can purchase your pass at the best prices. Be sure to purchase your pass through the group website and be entered in the draw for a free pass. 

Our special 75th anniversary trip will be to the iconic ski resort of Sun Valley, Idaho from Jan 26 to February 2, 2025. This special 75th anniversary trip will require an Ikon Base Plus pass or a full Ikon pass. More details will be posted soon with instructions on how to ensure that if you purchase the full pass or Base+, your spot on the Sun Valley trip can be confirmed.   

Other amazing 2024/25 trips will be to Ikon Base pass destinations in the Dolomite region in Italy, and to HPSC favourites like Sun Peaks and Banff. At your request, there will be four trips to Mont Tremblant. More trips will announced when details are available but include a Club Med destination in France that is new to HPSC, and a return to Jasper in Alberta.Please keep reading SnoBiz over the next few months for news on next season’s trips including how and when you can sign up to lock in your spots on the trips of your dreams.

Day Trips

The 2023/2024 downhill day trips season came to an end on Saturday, March 23 at MSLM. It was a great way to wrap up the season with a surprise cold week with some snow in Toronto and the ski resorts.

A huge thank you to the volunteer downhill day trips team! On a weekly basis, these are your volunteers who worked hard behind the scenes. We had 53 day trips planned for this season, and this team did all the work to coordinate them, even for the trips that didn’t run.

Saturday Trip Coordinator: Bishu Basuroy
Sunday Trip Coordinator: Michael Hardtke
Monday Trip Coordinator: Sheila Moshonas
Wednesday Trip Coordinator: Fran Burgess
Day Trips email inquiries: Jason Tsang
Bus Captain forms: Heidi Gay

Thank you to all club members who volunteered to be bus captains on all our day trips!

Thank you to Downhill Snow School and all instructors for organizing, teaching lessons and clinics, as well as the MSLM race series!

We had an unseasonably warm winter, but we still got quite a few weeks of trips with full registrations. I’m already looking forward to next season and hoping for a lot more snow and winter!

Election Night – April 30

High Park Ski Club is volunteer run organization, led by an executive team consisting of the volunteer President and volunteer Board of Directors. Election Night is your chance to ensure the best qualified members are selected to fill each of these crucial roles to ensure the smooth running of the club. 

New directors must stand for a 2 year term, while incumbent directors can choose to stand for a 2 year or a 1 year term. This year, eight positions are up for election – the other four were elected for 2 year terms last April. 

The following members are up for election:

Director of CommunicationsSuzanne de GrandpréIncumbent2 years
Director of Cross-country and SnowshoeingHeather SteelIncumbent2 years
Director of Downhill Day TripsAmy LamIncumbent1 year
Director of Long TripsKim WiebeIncumbentTBD
Director of MarketingRocco RomeoIncumbent1 year
Director of Membership and VolunteersMike HambardzumyanNew2 years
Director of SocialJennifer BeattyIncumbentTBD
PresidentJustin GrahamIncumbent1 year

This year we are holding a hybrid election with both an in-person event at the National Yacht Club, as well as a virtual option via Zoom, for out of town members and for those unable to attend in person. Only members in good standing are eligible to vote in the election.

We require a quorum of at least 75 members in good standing to be in attendance (in-person or virtually). If you are unable to attend either in-person or virtually) please fill out the proxy form.  After filling out the form, please send to president@hpsc.ca.

Please register here for either attending In-person or via Zoom. If registering for the Zoom option, you will be sent a link to the meeting the day of the event.

President’s Message –  Being part of the solution!

If I haven’t said it lately – THANK YOU for being a member of High Park Ski Club! Without members we would not have a purpose. 

Coming out of the pandemic where so many people were isolated and alone, our club offers the opportunity to connect with others. My theory is that this enforced and extended lack of community and connection is partially the cause for many of the issues our society is facing today.  I hope that HPSC can play a part in the solution.  

Next season marks our 75th Anniversary and in today’s SnoBiz there are some important announcements about next season.  I hope you will be as excited as I am about these plans. 

As a reminder about our 75th Anniversary season, the election of a majority of the board for next season is on April 30th. Please register here for either in-person at the National Yacht Club or via Zoom. Please read below for more information on the election. 


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

Interested in travelling to XC ski and snowshoe? Consider helping us out!

There are many awesome places to ski and snowshoe in Canada, the US and beyond! We know there is more demand now for long trips, but XC needs help to make more long trips happen.

There are different kinds of help needed: 

1. You could help us with general online research to find great new locations and/or research locations where we are thinking of going. It would be great to develop a ‘database’ of locations (and details about them).

2. You could assist in organizing specific trips.

3. You could be a trip leader. There are benefits to being a trip leader – you for sure will get on the trip (which sometimes can be hard for popular trips!) and a good portion of your trip will be paid for (it depends on the type of trip as to how much). Trip leaders should be detail-oriented, friendly, and able to roll with the punches and problem solve. Assisting on a trip is a good way to get started and learn the ropes!

Email crosscountry@hpsc.ca if you are willing to help us out! 

Cross-Country Paradise!

HPSC recently had a fabulous trip to Quebec City (Mar. 10-15). While I’ve been skiing for over a decade, it was my first time there. I can’t wait to go back! It really is one of the best bases for XC skiing and snowshoeing in the country. We visited three locations – Mont-Ste-Anne (two days), Sentier des Caps (at Le Massif; one day), and Camp Mercier (one day). Combined you are looking at 250+km of trails! As with most trips this year, conditions were looking dire…then the area received 50cm of new snow the day before our first ski day. We were saved!!! Follow this up with four days of sun and above zero temperatures and we got some pretty magical spring skiing. Everyone keeps asking me why I am so tanned. Yes, I forgot sunscreen.

My favourite day hands down was Sentier des Caps. It was solid sun all day, and the classic skiing in the trees was amazing. The system isn’t large, but it made up for that in views of the St. Lawrence – including a magnificent one off the Abbatis hut (made the tough climb out worth it!). But all our ski days were fantastic – and Jean-Emile was even passed by world champion skier Alex Harvey at MSA!

A great part of the trip is staying in the city – not only do you get great skiing during the day, you can wander around a beautiful city at night and eat lots of amazing food, including as many croissants as you could want. If you need a break from skiing, you can be a city tourist. It’s really the best of both worlds

Huge thanks to Ephraim for his exceptional trip leading skills and hopefully we get to go again!

Heather Steel
Director of Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing

Long Trips

It looks like members on our last long trip of the season, Club Med Charlevoix, are having a wonderful time skiing at Le Massif and enjoying the terrific food and dining at Club Med. Check out their pictures on the HPSC Facebook page.

There are lots of administrative tasks to be done to close off the season but rest assured that planning for our 75th anniversary season in 2025 is underway. We will have a special announcement about a super early sign up in the next SnoBiz and on Facebook. Many members choose the Ikon pass, with 5 days available at many resorts. However, this special 75th anniversary trip will require an Ikon Base Plus pass or full Ikon pass. We want to ensure that if you want to go on this trip, you will be able to guarantee your spot in April, and can benefit from the best Ikon pass pricing, on now, for the 2025 season. I hope that you have had a wonderful season and are thinking about where you want to go with HPSC next year!