HPSC Snow School had another tremendous training and teaching season!

Let’s only remember the 406 classes taught, the many programs offered, the sooo popular Saturday races at Mount St Louis Moonstone. Your CSIA and CASI qualified instructors continued to train at Tremblant and in Ontario to bring you safe, productive and fun lessons.Our 51 ski and snowboard instructors want to thank all HPSC members for your enthusiastic participation in our daily trips lessons and Canadian overnight trips guidance.A few special instructor achievements deserve our warmest congratulations:

Laura Shepherd – full Level 3!
David Manning – Course conductor for Level 1 courses 
+ CSIA Ontario and National – HPSC Instructor of the year
Mike Romano – accepted in the Level 4 academy
Matt Diamond – CSIA (skiing) Level 2
Carmen Lopes – CASI (snowboarding) Level 2

We hope to see you all again in our lessons next winter!

Mogul Masters Clinics!

The One Day Mogul Masters clinics are back. The dates are Saturday, February 24 and March 2 at MSLM and Monday, February 26 and Sunday, March 10 at Blue Mountain. 
For more information visit the Downhill Ski School page.
For registration go to the registration page on the HPSC website.
*Important* Click the Mogul Masters option not your step level.

Ski School Welcomes New Instructor Brian Pho!

I started skiing 15 years ago and quickly found out there is so much to learn about this sport. Skiing has taken me to parts of the world that I never would have seen otherwise (Switzerland, Japan, Western Canada). I earned my CSIA Level 2 in 2018, which led me to a whole new world of challenges and possibilities. The Learning Never Stops!

I am so happy to join the High Park Ski Club Snow School and have the pleasure of being able to transfer my skills and knowledge to all levels of the High Park Ski Club membership.

Downhill Snow School Introduces New Instructor… Stephanie Kwok

I think I inherited my love of skiing from my grandfather, who skied into his early 80’s and took me on some of my first ski days to Mt St Louis and Horseshoe. I was hooked on the feeling a speeding down the slopes, but it took me a while to understand that turning is important. I eventually used my turns to earn my level 2 in 2018. I worked as an instructor in Hakuba,Japan in 2019/2020. The following two seasons, I instructed at Banff Sunshine, enjoying the stunning Rockies. Now I am back home in Toronto and looking forward to sharing my knowledge and love of skiing with people here. I believe skiing is the key to not hating Canadian winters, and maybe even loving them!

New Uniforms for Our Downhill Instructors!

If you were wondering what was sparkling at MSLM last weekend… it wasn’t the freshly fallen snow, our instructors new goggles, or the smile of our Director, Laura Shepherd, excited to train with Level 4, Jason Young. No, that sparkle would have come from your instructors’ brand new uniforms, featuring our new HPSC logo!

Not unlike our very popular previous uniform, it keeps the basic brand colours with a snazzy touch! We might be even more visible on the hills!! This new uniform is the result of an incredible effort from design to distribution! Kudos and thanks go to Apolonija BattistonKathleen McCabeDavid ManningRocco Romeo, and Mike Romano for such a great uniform, another one which will make us proud!

Ski School News – More New Instructors!

As announced in the October 11 issue of SnoBiz, Ski School welcomed seven new instructors for this season. Today, we introduce you to Lina DiFelice and Izabella Wilczynska.
Lina DiFelice
I’ve been a member of HPSC for 12 years and started skiing when I was 11. Dad would sit in the chalet for hours, while my 2 sisters and I took ski lessons at Mount St. Louis/Moonstone, and Blue Mountain. We loved it and were hooked. My younger sister Donna went on to become a Ski Patrol, and was an active participant with HPSC in the 70’s.

Fast forward… after a long hiatus, I followed in my sister’s footsteps, and joined HPSC and renewed my passion for skiing. I’ve enjoyed many extraordinary ski trips around the world, received phenomenal instruction from attentive coaches and teachers, and have made many friendships on and off the hill.

With the support and guidance of the HPSC instructors, private lessons, and time on the hill, I grew as a skier. After retiring from a great career in teaching, moving to Collingwood, and growing my confidence, I decided it would be fun to give back the knowledge and gifts I’ve received.  I’m excited to share my love of nature and the joy one feels gliding down the mountain. 
Izabella Wilczynska
I fell in love with skiing as a little 4-year-old kid watching Olympics, and promptly used my plastic cross-country skis on the tiny hills in my hometown (Torun, Poland) for my first attempts of hockey stops. I didn’t get a chance to really try skiing on proper skis and hills until much later- my high school got a donation of downhill racing skis from an Austrian ski club and took us on a trip to Slovakia.  It was a great trip where I learned to fall well, and often (on my unsharpened 190s) but my passion for skiing remained.

Finally, many years after moving to Canada and discovering the traveling ski clubs, I was able to take proper lessons. I joined as a step 3 and worked hard to overcome my newly found (grown up) fear of speed. Fast forward 7 years and I am proud to be joining the HPSC ski school as a new instructor. I want to share my joy of skiing with others who may not have had a chance to learn earlier just like me. As a cautious skier, I will be there to encourage you to overcome your fears, and discover the reason we have winters.

In the off season, I am an avid stand-up paddle boarder (SUP), also certified as an instructor. I love the outdoors so if not on the water, I am camping, hiking, or exploring. 

Ski School Announces New Instructors!

Downhill Ski School is pleased to welcome seven new instructors joining the roster for the 2023-24 season! Today we introduce you to Matt Dimond and Lisa Price. Watch for more announcements in subsequent issues of SnoBiz.
Matt Dimond

Very happy to have returned to High Park (2022/23 season) where I first started my ski journey with Peg Mc Phedran at Blue back in 2018. I was coming from 10 years of snowboarding.

I decided last season I needed a bigger challenge than just skiing for myself and hoping for small improvements. So, I started on the instructor training development opportunities with CSIA and within HPSC ski school.

I am looking forward to this next chapter in my ski journey as I continually develop my teaching skills to best serve the High Park club members. My home base hill now is Mount St Louis.

My other activities on the snow are trying to get in a few days of XC skiing and snowshoeing when in Quebec.

My off snow activities are mainly focused on stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and refining those skills with some novice races. I recently obtained a Paddle Canada Instructor certification.I look forward to connecting with High Park members every week.
Lisa Price

I am thrilled to be joining the High Park Snow School as a Ski Instructor this year. I recently achieved my L3 certification, and I am excited to share my skills and knowledge with the High Park Ski Club community.

I have been skiing since my early teens and absolutely love the sport, the environment and meeting like-minded people who love to ski. Winter is my most favourite season!I have taught for many years at Devil’s Glen and Snow Valley.

See you all very soon!

Ever thought of becoming a ski instructor?

Hi everyone! Our downhill snow school is looking for enthusiastic snowboard and ski instructors for next season.

You will make friends for life, have a chance to help other members of the club to improve, and get access to a whole new world of development. Volunteer instructors also get some perks that help defray the cost of teaching, including:

  • Lift ticket or pass reimbursement
  • Transportation to/from the hill
  • Cost offset on long trips when you teach
  • Access to our great afternoon sessions, Tremblant training with level 4s, and instructor training reimbursement
  • Small stipend

…plus, we have a TON of fun on snow and off snow!

Qualifications to teach with us include one of the following: CSIA level 2+, OR CSIA level 1 + HPSC Instructor Training, OR CASI level 1+.

If you are keen to help your fellow members, have a good attitude, and have met these requirements, please reach out to me at downhillsnowschool@hpsc.ca to express interest and to get access to our application form. We are recruiting until August 30, 2023. 

Christine Bellerose
Director, Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

More success for our amazing instructors!

Our Director of Cross-Country and Snowshoeing, Heather Steel, in addition to arranging and running a very challenging season of trips, also achieved a personal goal of passing the Level 3 CANSI instructor certification. Well deserved congratulations, Heather!!

Congratulations are also on order to Ephraim Fernandez, who recently achieved his Level 2 certification!

The excellence of our instructors are one of the things that make our club great! Thanks to all of you!

Heather Steel

Ephraim Fernandez

Celebrating Instructor Successes!

The Downhill Snow School is excited to celebrate some significant instructor achievements! Please join me in congratulating our instructors: 

Kerry Kupecz has attained her Level 2 certification. The CSIA Level 2 is a significant step up from the Level 1 and a milestone in every instructor’s development.

In addition, Laura Shepherd challenged the Level 3 teach exam and has now attained the Level 3 partial – teach certification. The level 3 exam is an advanced certification and recognized internationally.

Lastly, I challenged the ski exam and attained full Level 3 certification.

Congratulations to our instructors for their success on exams. You have made our snow school proud!

David Manning
Snow School Director, Director of Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding
…and new CSIA level 3 🙂

Kerry Kupecz

Laura Shepherd

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David Manning