Fitness Assessment Opportunity for HPSC Members

HPSC is happy to provide a special opportunity for members to access a professional fitness assessment and snow-sport-specific fitness program led by Stefan Overgaard, former member of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, Under-16 race coach at Osler Bluffs Ski Club, and owner of SXS Fitness in midtown Toronto.  Stefan provides fitness testing for Alpine Ontario, is a fitness trainer for athletes from a variety of sports, has his CSCF Level 3, CSIA Level 2, NCCP and a number of other certifications.  Stefan and his team also lead the Ski-Cross-Fit series for HPSC members.

This special opportunity involves a 2-hour fitness assessment on Saturday August 14th and a 1-hour fitness session on Sunday August 15th (both afternoons) with a specific focus on proper form.   The program is one part of a pilot project for the HPSC Snow School, but we wanted to make this available to all interested members.

If there is room and you would like to join us on the August 14-15 weekend, please register your interest at the following link:  HPSC – Interest in Professional Fitness Assessment

If there is enough interest, we may run a second session in September.  Note: At this time, you are indicating your interest only.   You will NOT be charged for the assessment and program until we determine capacity limits and the final price. 

We anticipate the cost per participant to be approximately $75 for the three hours and will also include a weekly exercise plan focusing on such aspects as strength, power, endurance, agility, coordination, mobility and injury prevention.  After you register your interest, you will receive an e-mail of timeslot availability and the final cost, which will depend on the number of participants. 

Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior or getting back into a routine while working on rebuilding your fitness foundation, make this a part of your plan to get ready for the upcoming ski/snowboard/ snowshoe season.