President’s Message – Rebounding

I can’t believe that January is already over! And for the first time in three seasons we are concentrating on running trips and not other issues; looking more at weather forecasts than public health alerts. In the last two weeks we have run all scheduled day trips, two successful charter trips, our very popular Holiday Valley weekend, and, as well, members are currently in Tremblant till this Thursday. 

After a bit of a slow start, it appears that the snow has finally arrived, resulting in good conditions in ski country. To avoid disappointment, please sign up for trips early. If the trip is full, put your name on the waitlist – don’t worry you will not be charged for joining the waitlist. If there is enough interest, we will add a second bus, if possible. 

And we are planning new social events – the next being a Toronto Marlies game on the afternoon of Family Day (February 20) at Scotiabank Arena, against the Utica Comets. The Marlies are one of the top teams in the AHL, and lead the North Division, while the Comets are in second place. Utica are the farm team for the New Jersey Devils. Come see future Maple Leafs for a faction of the cost!  Click here to register. 

Finally, I am very pleased to mention that our membership number has finally rebounded to pre-COVID level, which at the time had been a high for at least the previous eight years. Included are more than 330 new members. Thank you to all of you for joining the club this season.  As I have said in the past, people join HPSC for various sports, but return year after year due to the friendships they make. 

I truly hope that all of you are enjoying this season! 


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

President’s Message – Time to Have Fun!!

Dear HPSC Friends,

It has finally happened – we are back to our regular schedule!! 

This past Saturday we held our traditional Double Double day with lessons both in the morning and afternoon at Mount St. Louis.  And we were finally, after a number of weeks of disappointment, able to run cross-country trips due to the recent snowfall in resort country. Thank you to Heather for all her work in juggling the cross-country schedule to get the first trips run. This coming weekend our initial charter trips of the season leave for Jackson Hole and for France. I hope everyone has a fantastic time!

Just a reminder, for those who haven’t been on our day trips in a few seasons:  Last year we had to adjust our registration deadlines due to our change in bus company.  For weekend trips (Saturday, Sunday, Monday) the deadline is now on the Tuesday prior at 6 pm. The deadline for Wednesday trips is the previous Thursday at 6 pm. To avoid disappointment please sign up early. If the trip is full, please sign up on the waitlist. If there is enough interest, we will add a second bus (which also means using our two additional pick-up locations of Queen’s Quay and Liberty Village).

Regarding cross-country day trips, please make sure to read the trip descriptions carefully and follow updated posts on our Facebook group, regarding when trips open for registration. Due to the uncertainty of conditions, at least so far this season, registration is being opened when we are sure the resort conditions will allow us to run trips. This is to avoid having to process a large number of refunds which costs the club in credit cards fees.

Also as a reminder, if you need to cancel a day trip you have registered for, please send a message to

To end on a personal note, I am very disappointed that I will once again miss skiing and snowshoeing this season. According to an MRI I had just before Christmas, I have re-ruptured my quad tendon and I needed to have surgery repeated on January 11. I am currently in a full leg cast for the next 5 weeks and will then start physio once again. However, I will try to be at as many club events as possible while I recover. 


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

Basic Information About Concussion

We love to ski! The twists and turns, the pivoting and edging, the thrill of the next hill and run, the fresh outdoors, the thrill of the ride!  While we take precautions to ski safely, unfortunately, accidents sometimes do happen.  It is good to have some basic information about concussion awareness.  We minimize the impact of the severity of any head injury by wearing helmets. 

Of note, loss of consciousness is not necessary for a person to have sustained a concussion.  While there has been controversy in the scientific community regarding criteria for traumatic brain injury and concussion, what is now commonly accepted is that among several criteria is some alteration in awareness associated with biomechanical forces to the head sufficient to cause neuropathological changes to the brain.

The good news is that for cases of mild concussion/mild traumatic brain injury, the physiological disruptions to the brain (and associated impairments in attention, memory, and information processing speed)  generally resolve for the majority of individuals within days or weeks.   

 Symptoms associated with concussion include (but are not limited to):  headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness.  As well, there may be impairments in orientation, short term memory, and information processing speed.

As first line responders, ski patrol may ask some basic questions about a person’s awareness and orientation.  For example, asking the person’s name, day of the week, birthdate, etc.  This information may be of subsequent benefit if further cognitive testing is conducted.  The following link shows some of the questions on a standardized assessment of concussion.

Given that loss of consciousness is not a requirement for a determination for sustaining a concussion, it is always good to speak to ski patrol if you have had a fall and hit your head with any sufficient force which you think might be of concern.  Remember:  in the vast majority of cases, the natural course of events is for the brain to fully heal when there have been minor physiological disruptions.

Jonathan Siegel

HPSC Instructor

2022/23 Downhill Day Trips Schedule

We are happy to announce the downhill day trips schedule for the upcoming season!

The coming season has 50 downhill day trips scheduled including a special Family Day trip to Beaver Valley. As in the past we will be following our usual schedule of trips on Saturday to Mount St. Louis (MSLM), Sunday and Monday to Blue Mountain, and Wednesday to the various private clubs. 

The first scheduled trips are December 10 to Mount St. Louis and December 11 to Blue Mountain.  The first Monday trip is January 9.  The Wednesday trips start on January 11.  There are three Wednesday trips to Alpine, and two each to Osler and Craigleith, and one to Devil’s Glen and one to Blue Mountain. Later in the season we have a number of TBD Wednesday trips since the private clubs cannot guarantee they will be open. 

Final prices for the day trips will be confirmed in the next number of weeks.

Hoping you have a fantastic season! 

Last chance to try out roller skiing! 

Looking for a way to get in shape for ski season or work on your technique in the off-season? Roller skiing is cross-country ski specific dryland training that will achieve both goals! It’s also a fun sport in its own right.

In conjunction with Ski Fit, HPSC is offering members a chance to try it out in High Park. In small groups (we have four pairs of roller skis), we will cover safety, the basic manoeuvres, how to slow and stop, how to cross uneven pavement, and point out hazards and how to avoid them. We will also cover equipment and where to get it and good places in the city you could ski.

Our last chance to try is

  • Oct. 22 9:30-10:15 am

Location: High Park. Meet at the Grenadier Cafe parking lot.


  • Bike helmet (mandatory)
  • Ski boots (mandatory – see below under booking)
  • Gloves (any kind, mandatory)
  • Optional, but highly recommended: knee and elbow pads. Spills on concrete can happen leading to scrapes. But we will be doing slow manoeuvres on flat pavement.

Prerequisites: being a current HPSC member (this will be checked), the above equipment, experience skiing on snow (skate and/or classic, whatever roller skiing you want to try), and a desire to learn!

To book your spot: email with the date you are interested and the type of ski boots you will bring (skate NNN, classic NNN or classic/skate SNS with the older Profil bindings that have one metal bar. If you have SNS bindings with two bars, our roller skis won’t work). If you have your own roller skis, you are welcome to attend. He

President’s Message – Welcome to Fall!

I have always loved the fall!! Last week we officially moved from summer to autumn with a very distinct change in the temperature. The fall also means moving closer to the ski season and more activities of the club. 

Over the last month or so, many of you have expressed your faith in HPSC by renewing your membership or joining for the first time. Thank you!  We have also held a successful social pub night and there have been two very successful long trip sign-up nights – some spots are still available on a number of charter trips. SkiFit has resumed every Saturday morning in High Park with a good number of core participants as well as some new and potential members each week. We held our Annual General Meeting last week as a hybrid meeting with members attending both in person at the National Yacht Club and virtually on Zoom.

Over the next couple of months, the long bus trips will open for registration (October 13), we will be releasing our day trips schedule (as they are finalized with the resorts), holding information nights for members and potential members (TBD), communicating what the procedures will be for day trips and for the first time in many years, we will have a booth at the Toronto Ski + Snowboard Show (October 28-30).Finally, since the next edition of SnoBiz will not be sent until after the holiday weekend, I want to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

Justin Graham

President’s Message – The season of renewal

Dear HPSC friends,

September has always been a time of renewal.  When we were children, September was the beginning of the school year (and still is for many of our members who are teachers).  It is also the time when our HPSC memberships come due.  If you have not yet done so, please take advantage of our early bird rate of $150 until October 31.  

Over the last week, I was very happy to meet up with many of you at our first social event of the season on Thursday September 8 at The Swan, and at the first SkiFit of the year on Saturday.  The turnout for both events clearly shows there is pent up demand for social connection and makes me very optimistic for the upcoming season.  

I was also pleased to meet so many new members. Thank you all for coming out.  We are planning more socials for over the fall and winter.  And of course, SkiFit happens every Saturday morning in High Park – registration opens each Tuesday prior to the session.  

One of the new members asked me what makes HPSC different, and I mentioned what I have said many times, that HPSC is a community.  That people may join the club for a sport, but what keeps them returning is the friends they make, the community of fellow members.  

You should have also received the official notification regarding the Annual General Meeting to be held on Tuesday September 20.  We are once again holding a hybrid meeting with an in-person option (at the National Yacht Club) and a virtual option (via Zoom).  The AGM is an important event for the running of the club at which we present the financial results of the previous season, as well as discussion of what the club accomplished.  The AGM also is when changes to the by-laws are approved (or rejected).  All those registered to attend will be able to vote (both in-person and on Zoom).  If you have not yet done so please register to attend the AGM here.   If you are not able to attend, please fill out a proxy and send to

Justin Graham
President, HPSC

Last Call for the Ikon Pass!

Our Ikon Pass Group Sale is scheduled to wind up September 1. The club has organized trips to numerous Ikon Pass destinations such as Jackson Hole, Banff, Killington, and three trips to Tremblant. And of course, many day trips to Blue Mountain.  

Our Group Sale not only gets you a better price, it also gets you a chance to win an Ikon Base Pass (or equivalent refund)!  

The Ikon Pass provides access to 50 destinations, so if you wish to venture out on your own in addition to the club trips, there are many options. Plus, there are numerous discounts on food, beverages, and retail shops (10% for the Ikon Base Pass, and 15% with the Ikon Pass).  

Adventure Assurance comes free this year with every 22/23 Ikon Pass. Designed to alleviate uncertainty while providing flexibility for Ikon Pass holders, Adventure Assurance gives pass holders credits in the case of COVID-related closures and the option to defer the purchase price of an unused pass by December 8, no questions asked.  

Have you already purchased a Blue Mountain Pass? The 5×7 Pass is quite popular with our members. If you purchased this pass and are now realizing that the Ikon Pass would have worked better for you, I have good news. If you buy an Ikon Pass or Ikon Base Pass, you can get a refund for your 5×7 Pass! The Ikon Pass gives you unlimited access to Blue Mountain 7 days a week, with no blackouts.  

If you have already purchased an Ikon Base Pass, you can still upgrade to the full Ikon Pass. Simply login to your Ikon Pass account, View Account, and look for the upgrade link near the top of the page. It is presently $400 to upgrade to the Ikon Pass, and $250 to upgrade to the Ikon Base Plus Pass ($CDN).

Contact Russ Harding at for further details if you are interested or have questions.

Special note regarding Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole is one of the greatest ski destinations in the western USA with one of the very best authentic western towns.  There are many excellent dining experiences with local gourmet choices like elk, bison, local trout and of course beef.  If you are a fan of the Yellowstone series, you will enjoy the fabulous scenery and proximity to the Elk Refuge and possible day trips to Yellowstone Park. 

Our HPSC trip is in peak season, January 21-28, 2023 and the price without lifts is only $1,705.  You’ll need to add lifts if you do not have an Ikon Base Plus pass.  The cost of the 5-day lift pass from the tour operator is $1,125 (a sixth day for an additional $230). 

If you have not yet purchased an Ikon Pass and are interested, please contact Russ Harding ( to purchase an HPSC group Ikon Pass.  The sale price for the Ikon Base Pass is $1,039 pass and then you will need to upgrade to the Ikon Base Plus for an additional $250.  Note that the HPSC group sale is scheduled to end as of September 1, so sign up now!  

If you have already purchased the Ikon Base pass and are interested in upgrading to the Ikon Base Plus pass for the Jackson Hole trip, the cost is an additional $250 or if you would like to upgrade to the Ikon Pass, the additional cost is $400.   All passes also provide full access to Blue Mountain and Tremblant.

Reservations are required to guarantee access to the resort. This applies to all Ikon Pass holders as well as advanced ticket purchasers. Reservations are scheduled to open as of August 1. The LTC tracks major holidays, and there are none during our week in Jackson Hole. So, we do not expect any issue with trying to the desired dates for reservations, though we recommend making your reservations as soon as you can.

President’s Message – The Dog Days of August

August 17, 2022

Growing up mid-August was always a bit exciting for me. The CNE was about to open, which meant visits to Toronto by my aunts, uncles and cousins; the weather would start to turn a little more comfortable (I really hate hot humid weather); and the last two weeks before Labour Day were always my Dad’s vacation period.  Labour Day has always represented a new year for me.  As a member of High Park Ski Club, mid-August also means we are starting to gear up for the upcoming season.  For example, this week’s edition begins our regular two-week cycle of SnoBiz until the end of next April.

Over the next few week’s, you will be receiving information on renewing your club membership for the upcoming season.  The good news is that we are keeping membership fees at the same level as last year  – early bird rate until October 31st of $150 (+tax); after November 1st the fee increases to $170 (+tax).  New member rate is $150 (+tax) for the entire season. 

As you will read below, something new this year, we have a number of our charter trips going on sale next week.  As long as you are a valid member for the 2021/22 season (or have renewed your membership early) you can sign up; however, you have up to September 15th to renew your membership to keep your spot.  Please read the Long Trip article in SnoBiz carefully.

Regarding our planned COVID protocols for the upcoming season. As mentioned in the last SnoBiz, the club will still require members to wear masks while on buses for all trips.  However, moving with current public health guidelines, we will no longer require proof of vaccination to participate in any club activity.   The caveat of course is that if public health rules change, HPSC will need to adjust protocols.  As well, as noted in the Long Trips article in SnoBiz, members will need to still follow all vaccination requirements and rules for the locations travelling to.  For example, vaccination proof is still currently needed for non-US citizens entering the United States.  While we are not requiring vaccination proofs this year we still encourage all members to do whatever they can to stay healthy. 

On a different topic, If you have ever thought of becoming an HPSC Ski or Snowboard instructor, now is the time.  The club is currently recruiting for new instructors.  If you are interested, please contact our Director of Snow School, David Manning at . Due to the planning required for the season, applications need to be received by August 28th.   

September also kicks off a number of club activities – SkiFit will begin as usual on the first Saturday after Labour Day (September 10th).  As in the past couple of years registration will open each week on the Tuesday prior to that week’s session.  This year we will also be able to revive our weekly brunch after SkiFit at The Grenadier Café.

We are planning a Social event in early September (details to come in the next SnoBiz). 

And finally, please mark September 20th on your calendars for the club’s Annual General Meeting.  The AGM will be held in person at the National Yacht Club with an online Zoom option as we did for the Election night last April.  The official announcement will be sent in the next couple of weeks.

I am really looking forward to chatting with as many members over the next coming months as we prepare for what we all hope will be a fantastic year on the snow!


Justin Graham, President

High Park Ski Club

Announcing the New HPSC Ikon Group Pass Program!

And the chance to win back the cost of your pass!

High Park Ski Club is pleased to announce that our members can now purchase their Ikon pass through a group sales program.

All HPSC members who purchase a pass through the program, including those renewing their current pass, will have a chance to win a rebate of the cost of Ikon Base Pass*. Eligibility for the rebate program is not retroactive for passes already purchased or renewed.

For those purchasing a new Ikon pass there is a $50 discount off the list price. (Renewals are at the posted renewal rate.)

If you are interested in the program or would like more information, please contact long time HPSC member Russ Harding who is organizing the program for us, at

Russ will add you to the list of HPSC members purchasing a pass which is shared with Ikon for verification. If you are purchasing a new pass, you will receive a unique discount code for you to use when ordering your pass directly on the Ikon website.

For those renewing a pass, to qualify for the rebate program draw, you must register with Russ prior to renewing your pass directly on the Ikon website.

The group sales program is only available until August 31, 2022. However, list price rates for new passes and for renewal will increase at different times throughout the spring and summer, so for the past price, purchase/renew as early as possible.

Again, if you are interested in a new Ikon pass or plan to renew your pass, please contact Russ Harding at

*NOTE: The rebate offer is available only if at least 20 members purchase a pass through the HPSC Ikon Group sales program (including renewals). The number of rebate winners depends on the number of passes that are purchased. For example, for every 20 passes purchased through the program, we receive one rebated pass. The draw for rebate winner(s) will be held in November.

So you are vaccinated . . . now what?

As announced earlier in the summer, the HPSC Board made the decision that to protect the health of other club members and volunteers, in order to participate in most in-person club events this season you will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID.  

The first step will be to attest to your vaccination status on your member profile page, at the same time you acknowledge the Code of Conduct, Waiver, and Rowan’s law declaration after September 1st when membership renewal occurs.  Any falsification of vaccination status will be considered as a breach of the HPSC Code of Conduct and will be subject to disciplinary review

However, without confirmation of vaccination status the Long Trips Committee will not be able to arrange roommates or run close to full buses, that allow us to control the costs of trips. Or allow other portfolios to ensure only those fully vaccinated are participating in events. 

Therefore, as a second step at some point during the fall, we are asking that members provide our membership team with proof of your vaccination status (i.e. 2nd shot vaccination certificate or federal vaccination passport announced last week) by emailing it to  Only those on the membership team will have access to these emails and once they confirm your status by reviewing your document, all of your documents and emails will be deletedThe club will not be storing your private vaccination record.


For those concerned about privacy, on the vaccination certificate, we only need to see the following information: Name; Date of 2nd vaccination; Agent (COVID-19); Dose – 2 of 2.  All of the rest of the information can be blacked out. 

If you feel uncomfortable in emailing your documentation, we will also be arranging for numerous in-person events (i.e. after each week’s SkiFit; other nights during the week at locations around the city) when you can show the membership team your proof, and they will note your status.  If you cannot meet in person and are concerned about emailing your documents, we can arrange for a personal Zoom call where you can show your document.  We will NOT be recording or taking screen shots.

Please note that to register for charter or long trips at our signup nights in September and October you will need to have at least attested on your member profile that you are fully vaccinated. As with all members you will also need to provide your vaccination document at some point prior during the fall. If you are not fully vaccinated by trip signup night, you will not be able to register for trips until you are (if spots are still available).  If you have not had your second shot yet and want to sign up for charter or long trips, please arrange for your second shot so as soon as possible. At that point you can update your member profile page and send in/arrange to show us your vaccination proof document.

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to send in your vaccination proof right away.  If you feel more comfortable doing so when the Federal vaccination passport becomes available that is fine.  We just need to review your document prior to your first in-person event (please allow at least 5 days for our team to review and confirm your status – we are all volunteers so it might take time to get to).  If you are signing up for a long or charter trip it should be before full payment.

For charter trips, you will likely be required to provide the newly announced federal vaccination passport to our tour company partners. As well, last week the Federal government also announced that proof of vaccination will be required for travel, including domestically, by plane, train, etc. And it makes sense to assume that long distance bus trips should also be included. 

If you CANNOT be vaccinated due to a medical condition, and can provide a doctors note to our membership team simply stating this (without any medical diagnosis information) you will be able to have limited participation in club events this year, (i.e. drive up for a day trip and participate in lessons).  However, as announced earlier you will not be able to register for any long or charter trips, or to go on the bus for daytrips.

We acknowledge that members have the free choice to not be vaccinated; however, we as the directors of the club have the duty to protect the health and safety of our club members and volunteers to the best of our ability.  Until the pandemic is declared over in Canada, the best option for protection and moving to a more ‘normal’ environment is vaccination.  If you are dissatisfied with this policy, we are truly sorry.  We can, upon request, if you choose, to defer your membership for another year or refund your membership fee (however, your club seniority would be maintained), and we will welcome you back once pandemic measure are lifted.     

Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

Trip Sign-up Night #3

Before you know it, Trip Sign-up #3 will be upon us–September 28! Eight Charter trips will begin sales. The first two charter trips sold out quickly! Be sure to review the materials, talk to your ski buddies, and make your decision in advance.

If you have your heart set on one or more of the trips, make sure you are 100% ready to go at 8:00 pm. Some of these trips will sell out promptly, even in as little as a few seconds! A couple destinations have always sold out super fast, so this year we have doubled up on trips to Sun Peaks and Banff.

If your favourite trip appears sold out, you can register for the Waitlist. This is especially important for trips that travel later in the season, since cancellations are more frequent at that time.

Consider your insurance options in advance, since this must be purchased at the time you make the initial trip payment. We are happy to announce that “Cancel For Any Reason” coverage will once again be available.

Note that your $100 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. So, please take this into consideration when signing up.

On Thursday, September 28, 2023 at 8:00 pm, the following Charter Trips will go on sale:

C3 Red Mountain, BC – Jan 21-28, 2024

C4 Sun Peaks-1, BC – Jan 27-Feb 3, 2024

C5 Panorama, BC – Feb 3-10, 2024

C6 Winter Park, CO – Feb 3-10, 2024

C7 Banff-1, AB – Feb 10-17, 2024

C8 Sun Peaks-2, BC – Feb 10-17, 2024

C9 Silver Star, BC – Mar 4-11, 2024

C10 Banff-2, AB – Mar 9-16, 2024 

Click here to go to the Long Trips page.

Our overnight bus trips will go on sale on October 26. Mark your calendars!

President’s Message:  Our history and our future

This year represents the club’s 74th in operation We were founded in 1950 by a group of enthusiastic skiers who gathered at the High Park YMCA – which is where our name comes from. We are still a club of enthusiastic skiers (downhill and cross-country), snowboarders and snowshoers!  To learn more about our past, read the Short History of the Club on the website.  It is found in Club Documents under the About Us tab.  I personally love the Wolfman Jack story! 

This past weekend kicked off our 2023/24 season with a very well attended pub night at The Swan in Bloor West. It was great to catch up with old friends, as well as to speak with a number of new and potential members. 

Saturday was the first SkiFit session of the year – thank you to all who came out. It was fantastic to see the usual suspects as well as new members. SkiFit is open to everyone, including non-members – so if you know someone who is thinking of joining, this is a great way for them to get to know other members.  Or if you are a current member and want to meet fellow HPSCers, please come out. A big thank you to Karen Evans and John McHutchion for once again agreeing to lead the program this season. Registration opens each week on Tuesday for the following Saturday.   

The 2023 AGM will be conducted next Tuesday, September 19. We are again holding a hybrid meeting so you can attend in person at the National Yacht Club or via Zoom. The official notice went out in late August and registration is open. It is important that we achieve our quorum to ensure we are able to officially conduct the business of the club. Thank you for all those who have already registered, however, we currently do not have enough members registered to meet quorum and not everyone who registers ends up able to attend. If you cannot attend in person or virtually, please fill out the proxy form and send it to me prior to September 19 (see below).

As a reminder, at the AGM, we will also be holding the draw for the Ikon Pass rebate amongst those who purchased a pass through our group plan. Based on the sales in the program we will be able to draw four winners!

HPSC is a club with a fantastic history and what I feel is an outstanding future.  I sincerely believe our club is on the track for one of the best years we have had in recent memory!

Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

President’s Message – A time of renewal!

Ever since childhood, Labour Day has indicated a change, a new season. While for most of us it is no longer a return to school, there is still a sense of renewal. Speaking of renewal, you should be receiving a message regarding renewing your HPSC membership shortly. This year our regular membership rate remains at $170 (plus HST).  However, if you renew by October 31 the rate is just $155 (plus HST).  

The coming weeks also represent a step up in club activities. September 8 is our next social event being held at The Swan in Bloor West.This is a free event and registration is open. The next day is the start of this season’s SkiFit program in High Park (registration opens September 5).  

Please also mark your calendar for the 2023 AGM on Tuesday, September 19 – we are again holding a hybrid meeting so you can be at the National Yacht Club in person or attend via Zoom. The official notice went out a couple of weeks ago and registration is open. Thank you for all those who have already registered. If you cannot attend in person or virtually, please fill out the proxy form and send to me prior to September 19. It is important that we achieve our quorum to ensure we are able to officially conduct the business of the club.   

The second of three Long Trip Sign up events was held on August 24 for the two Club Med trips. The Peisey Vallandry, France trip sold out within a couple of minutes, while there is still room on the end of season Charlevoix (Le Massif) trip. The remaining charter trips open for registration on Thursday, September 28, while the bus trips open on October 26.

One last thing, when you log into the HPSC website you will also notice a more streamlined setup. We hope that this new arrangement will be more intuitive for members and potential members. I want to thank our Director of Marketing, Rocco Romeo, for taking on this project, our new Director of IT, Peter Kovalchuk, for his expertise, and all of the other Directors for their input and comments. 

I am sincerely looking forward to seeing and speaking with members at our various activities this fall.  


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

2024 Charter Trips 

Japan (Tokyo and Niseko) – Jan 11-21 (Due to the popularity of this trip, which filled up within seconds, we will work on a trip for the 2025 season)

Peisey-Vallandry, France: Club Med – (Les Arcs/La Plagne Paradiski) – Jan 20-28

Red Mountain, BC: Josie Hotel – Jan 21-28

Sun Peaks, BC: Cahilty Lodge (hotel + kitchenette units) – Jan 27-Feb 3

Panorama, BC: Approach Hotel (new) – Feb 3-10

Winter Park, Colorado USA: Vintage Hotel – Feb 3-10

Banff, AB: Banff Aspen Lodge – Feb 10-17

Sun Peaks, BC: Grand Hotel – March 3-10

Silver Star, BC: (Cross Country or Downhill) – Vance Creek Condos – March 4-11

Banff, AB: Banff Aspen Lodge – MARCH BREAK – March 9-16

2024 Overnight Bus Trips

Mont Tremblant, QC: Holiday Inn – Dec 15-17, 2023 

Holiday Valley NY, USA: Microtel – Jan 12-14

Mont Tremblant QC: Holiday Inn – Feb 4-9

Gatineau /Ottawa XC: Holiday Inn – (FAMILY DAY WEEKEND) Feb 16-19 

Quebec City, QC: Manoir Victoria – (MARCH BREAK) March 10-15 

Killington, VT USA: Killington Grand – studio kitchenettes and hotel – March 17-22

Mont Tremblant, QC: Holiday Inn – March 22-24

Le Massif, QC: Club Med Charlevoix – March 24-29

Club Med Trips Sign-up on August 24

Sign-up for our 2024 Club Med trips (Club Med Paradiski France and Club Med Charlevoix) is almost here!  

While membership renewal opens on September 1, if you were a member in the 2022/23 season, you will be able to log on and sign up August 24. But please note that you will need to renew your membership by the end of September in order to keep your spot on the trip. If you joined after March 1, 2023, your membership is already valid for the 2023/24 season.  

Before August 24, be sure to log on to the HPSC website and become familiar with the sign-up night procedures. Sign-up opens at 8 pm EDT sharp and some trips have been known to fill up within minutes.  

As noted below, the remaining charter trips will open for registration later in September and overnight bus trips in October.  

Detailed descriptions and pricing for most trips are already posted on the HPSC website

President’s Message – How fast the summer goes!

It is hard to believe that the summer is already half over and soon we will be focusing on the upcoming ski season. In fact, even before membership opens for renewal on September 1, two of our trips open for registration (please see the article below).

As promised in the last SnoBiz, I want to share with you some of the highlights of the recent member survey. I first want to thank all of you who participated – your responses are very helpful in planning for the upcoming and future seasons. And I want to congratulate our two survey respondent draw winners, Joe Recupero and Don Williams.

I am happy to report that 97% of respondents say they are very (72%) or somewhat (25%) satisfied with their membership in High Park Ski Club!

This extremely positive result, however, does not mean that there are not areas where members did not suggest ways we could improve. One topic that came up in a lot of comments, was our mask mandate for last season. I am happy to announce that the board confirmed at our July meeting that the policy was only for the 2022/23 season, and barring any unforeseen public health emergencies, masks will be a personal choice during the upcoming season.

On another note, just to give you a heads up, our Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19 at The National Yacht Club. Official notification will be sent out at the beginning of September (at which time the registration module will be open on our website). Once again, we plan on running a hybrid meeting, allowing for members to participate remotely.

As we get closer, I am becoming more and more excited about the upcoming season, and truly feel that it will be one of the best for the club, as we return, as they used to say on TV, “to our regularly scheduled programming”.


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

P.S. This is the last of our summertime SnoBiz newsletters. The next edition at the end of August will start our regular schedule of every two weeks.

Calling all potential trip leaders!

The Long Trips Committee is looking for members interested in volunteering to lead trips for the 2023-2024 ski season.Interested members will receive formal training. Additionally, those new to trip leadership will be able to assist a more experienced leader before running a trip independently. Being a trip leader is a  rewarding experience and greatly appreciated by fellow members.

Aside from being an amazing opportunity to utilize and improve leadership skills, there are other significant benefits to being a trip leader. Trip leaders will be pre-registered on the trip without having to register on Trip Sign-up Night. A financial compensation will be awarded for the work involved, paid post–trip, partially reducing your travel costs. Interested members should apply to the Long Trips Committee indicating their three preferences from the trips list in today’s SnoBiz. Please send your message to: and copy

What to do in Buffalo on a Saturday in July?

Darwin Martin House in Buffalo Photo by JK Graham

At the turn of the 20th Century, Buffalo was a very wealthy city with the highest number of millionaires per capita than any other American city.  One of these individuals was Darwin D. Martin of the Larkin Soap Company.  A company he had started with at the age of 12, rising to the position of company Secretary (equivalent to a CFO now).   After commissioning the up and coming Chicago architect Frank Lloyd Wright to design a new company headquarters, he also asked Wright to design a home for his own family.  The end result was something startlingly modern for 1905, and very different from the traditional homes in the Parkside neighbourhood of Buffalo. 

Dinning area in Graycliff Estate Photo by JK Graham


Greycliff Estate Photo by JK Graham

On Saturday July 22, HPSC ran a very successful daytrip to Buffalo to visit both the Darwin Martin House complex, as well as the Martin’s summer home, Greycliff Estate, situated just south of Buffalo on a 70 foot cliff overlooking Lake Erie.  Fifty-three members and guests received in-depth tours of both locations.

Reading Nook area in Graycliff Estate Photo by JK Graham

We followed up the tours with a dinner in the Lafayette Brewing Company located in the historic Hotel Lafayette (built in 1904).

Conservatory at Martin House Complex Photo by JK Graham

Ever thought of becoming a ski instructor?

Hi everyone! Our downhill snow school is looking for enthusiastic snowboard and ski instructors for next season.

You will make friends for life, have a chance to help other members of the club to improve, and get access to a whole new world of development. Volunteer instructors also get some perks that help defray the cost of teaching, including:

  • Lift ticket or pass reimbursement
  • Transportation to/from the hill
  • Cost offset on long trips when you teach
  • Access to our great afternoon sessions, Tremblant training with level 4s, and instructor training reimbursement
  • Small stipend

…plus, we have a TON of fun on snow and off snow!

Qualifications to teach with us include one of the following: CSIA level 2+, OR CSIA level 1 + HPSC Instructor Training, OR CASI level 1+.

If you are keen to help your fellow members, have a good attitude, and have met these requirements, please reach out to me at to express interest and to get access to our application form. We are recruiting until August 30, 2023. 

Christine Bellerose
Director, Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

2024 Cross-Country Long Trips

We’ve got lots of great choices for our Cross-Country and Snowshoe members this coming year!

Featured Charter

  • Silver Star, BC – Cross-Country/Downhill Combo, Vance Creek Condos: March 4 to 11. This HPSC favourite has 105 km of XC ski trails where you can ski from the door. Snowshoeing and ice skating are also available.

Overnight Bus Trips

  • Ottawa-Gatineau – Holiday Inn: February 16 to 19 – Enjoy 200 kms of ski trails by daily HPSC coach or skate the Rideau Canal.
  • Tremblant, Combo trip – Holiday Inn: February 4-9 – Enjoy cross-country skiing at: Tremblant resort (12km), Domain St. Bernard, (32 km), P’tit Train du Nord (29 km), Tremblant National Park (43 km).
  • Quebec City, Combo trip – Stay at the lovely Manoir Victoria: March 10-15 (March Break) and enjoy the cross-country ski areas of Mt Ste. Anne (176 km), Le Massif (32 km), and Camp Mercier (70 km).

Other Charter trips where XC skiing is available:

You can sign up on any of the following downhill trips by choosing the ‘No Lifts’ option.

Note: Since they are not featured as XC trips, there may be no other cross-country skiers on these trips. These locations are best suited for members who are comfortable skiing on their own, in a small group, or plan to enjoy both downhill and cross-country skiing. Trail passes must be purchased by the member.

  • Red Mountain, BC – January 20-27 – 50 km of trails within a 25 minute walk from hotel, local shuttle available on some days (TBD)
  • Sun Peaks, BC 1 – January 27- February 3 – 30 km of ski trails, ski from the door and take the lift to the start of the cross-country trails
  • Winter Park Hotel Colorado, USA – February 3-10 – 200 km of ski trails at Snow Mountain Ranch and 120 km at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. Note that these locations are a 20 – 40 minute drive away and would require a vehicle rental.
  • Banff, AB 1 – February 10 -17 – 13 km accessible from town of Banff. Rent a vehicle for other trails.