Let’s all celebrate and have a good time

“Let it snow!” Gala celebration of 65th Anniversary was a memorable event.

Celebration of 70th Anniversary of our club continues. Many overnight trips are completed or upcoming very soon. Every weekend we have buses taking hundreds of our happy members up North. Are we having a good time? Tickets are on sale on February 25th for the Après-Season “Snow Ball” Dinner + Drink + Dance to celebrate in style the end of this amazing season with friends. The number of tickets is limited to 150 although there are tickets for the Apres party: Drink + Dance. The earlier you sign for the event with your friends, the better seats you get. Let’s all celebrate and have a good time.

Register here for Dinner + Drink + Dance: https://hpsc.ca/event-3692710

Register here for Drink + Dance: https://hpsc.ca/event-3527921

Our club has reinvented itself multiple times. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi. We’ve implemented many changes and have welcomed a lot of new members in the last two years. We’ll be looking for a new volunteer to become The President of High Park Ski Club to lead our club higher during the next two years. My new stellar job has found me and I am moving on to the next chapter of my life to focus on the greater good. If you are interested to become The President of HPSC, to learn about the role & responsibilities in the next two month before the election night on April 30 2020, contact me: president@hpsc.ca

Our club blossoms! Cheers for the blossom of snow and the spring to come!

Stella, HPSC Volunteer President

International Women’s Day – HPSC Social

If you are a current member of HPSC and you are or identify as a woman, we invite you for a special women’s event on March 6th to gather and meet all female members of our club. Just 2 days before the International Women’s Day, it’s a perfect occasion to chat, have a drink and start celebrating being a woman among like-minded ladies! Please use the Register for the event and mark your calendar!

More details:  https://hpsc.ca/event-3741141    

CANCELLED! Après-Season 70th Anniversary “Snow Ball”

The Apres 70th Anniversary Snow Ball that we have planned for April 25 would be extraordinary, although we have to cancel it due to the events happening in our community and around the world. The refunds will be processed by our finance team volunteers within the next couple of weeks. We are looking forward to connecting with many of our members for Election night on-line on April 30. The Board of Directors will continue to communicate with the members the plan for the next season. We will plan a social event for us, when it will be safe to do so. Meanwhile, keep calm and carry on.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to extend our gratitude to you all for being members of our club and for your continuous support to the club’s mission.

Board of Directors & Social Committee

The Cyborg Chicks Ski Aspen

This pic might look like it’s back from the future, but it’s real life.  HSPC members Angela Johnson and Carolan Mackay, both knee injured skiers, tried ROAM Robotics Exoskeleton out on the Aspen long trip.   The exoskeleton fits over your ski pants and supports up to 30% of your body weight.  Angela, 17 days post meniscus tear surgery, tried the device and said:  “I found I could ski the whole day and I know that it took a lot of the stress off my knee.  It never encumbered my turns.”  Carolan, 21 days post ACL tear injury, was also able to ski for a half day despite being told that her ski season was over.  “I was so curious to try out the technology.  Really, words can’t describe how surreal it was to have that feeling of a structure supporting and responding to you.”   Both cyborg chicks found that the device was easy to ski in, almost to the point that you could forget about it.  The only reminder was the backpack containing the batteries, computer, and a bladder that inflated the pneumatic pump because it made constant noise like a baby goat.  The onsite ROAM rep, Brooke Pashley, took amazing care to make sure they understood the device and were able to gain confidence using it.  She skied with them until they felt ready to ski on their own. Roam offers the exoskeleton for rent or purchase at several locations in the U.S.  The rental and tryout fee is very reasonable.  The exoskeleton is not just for injured skiers, but can also help skiers who just find that they don’t have the strength they used to have or perhaps didn’t hit the gym enough prior to their ski trip. www.roamrobotics.com    @Roamrobotics

Update on Long Trips

There are just a few seats still open on our overnight and charter trips. If you are interested in a trip, add your name to the waitlist because cancellations happen from time to time, sometimes very close to departure.

NEW for the Lake Placid trip is an option for XC. Here is your chance to ski and snowshoe the Olympic Cross Country ski trails of Mt. Van Hoevenberg. See Lake Placid details on the website, Learn More https://hpsc.ca/event-3508545

1. Lake Placid, 1 seat left to match a male roommate, register NOW!

2. Tremblant March, 2 buses… what a party! There are still seats open although the Register button isn’t showing. The rooming needs to be sorted out so add your name to the waitlist for a seat.

3. Taos, 1 seat for a Male to match rooming.

If you need to cancel the trip, please review and follow long trips cancellation policy. Learn more https://blog.hpsc.ca/2020/01/long-trips-7/

Our ski trips are like trips back to the childhood, when someone takes care of everything and we are just having a blast and come back for dinner after playing in the snow with the red cheeks and big smiles… Our ClubMed trips definitely have it all to feel like a child on a snow carousel.

We turn winters into springs…

“Blossom of snow” – Social committee at crossover day promoting Apres 70th Anniversary “Snow Ball”

We had an interesting info sharing and discussions going on Facebook group about baby boomers and millennials and their impact on the declining ski industry. We are doing few things right as our clubs membership grew 20% compare to 2 years ago – after a freeze and a slow and steady decline. About 1/4 of our club are new members, it means that new generations come in while baby boomers are retiring from skiing. I did quick analysis of our new members demographics: about 40% of our new members represent generation X, 30% — millenials, generation X and we still have baby boomers joining our club – 30%. The face of our club is definitely getting younger, as French say when people look younger than their biological age: “We turn winters into springs!” We look pretty young for 70 year old club! We continue to welcome new members!

Social committee was at Scenic Caves for the crossover day and at MSLM for Members Appreciation Double Double Day. We have started the promotion of the Apres 70th Anniversary Season “Snow Ball’. The theme of the Ball is “turning the winter (snow) into the spring (cherry blossom in High Park), see the picture of Social committee with the “blossom of snow” accessories. There will be a beautiful “Snow Ball”- Waltz dance and many other traditions and surprises at the 70th celebration .

Tickets for Apres party (Awards ceremony, drink + dance) are on sale now for everyone. We are looking forward to greeting a lot of our new members at this event. We now have invited all volunteers to get discounted tickets for the formal dinner + drink + dance or Apres drink + dinner. We sincerely appreciate all volunteers contribution. Our club is a true social good miracle, managed by amazing people for amazing people. Tickets for dinner will go on sale for everyone on February 25.

Let’s keep the party going steady!

Stella, HPSC Volunteer President

#TBT A note from the past…

#TBT A letter received by traditional mail: HPSC Archives

Due to a very infrequent serious cleaning, I have come across some pins that may be of interest to your club. My Dad’s (Tom Hatanaka, I believe he was… #007): 1. HPYSC pin – when HPSC was part of the HPYMCA; 2. 25th Anniversary pin. As a historical note, I believe I was the first and only member, who became a member at the age of 18, the only year Ontario’s drinking age was 18. This was passed by the board since my Dad, an original member, wanted to retire but wanted to be in one HPSC Ski School photo with me. Given that I had my Level 1, I had to pass the instructor Training to become a member of of Ski School, which I did. So my Dad taught one more year so we could go to Tremblant together in December. FYI, I subsequently got my PSIA Level 2 and taught in the kids program at Holimont Ski Club, Ellicotville, NY, so my kids could ski. Regards, Diane Ferguson.

Call for volunteers

Our club is managed by volunteers. We are looking for volunteers, who would be interested to grow into Directors roles for the next two years term (2020 – 2022) for the following teams:

  • Finance
  • Communications

We are happy to share that members have stepped forward to learn about both positions and to help out the club. If you are interested to join the teams please contact the current directors: https://hpsc.ca/Contact_Us Volunteer, contribute, connect…

New Members 101 – Social

If you are a new member and you have questions, are curious how things work, need help to register for an upcoming trip and don’t know which trip is the best for you, join us for a New Members 101 Social on Feb 4th – Downtown.

This will be in time before DOUBLE DOUBLE (lessons in the morning and afternoon)  – DOWNHILL MEMBERS APPRECIATION DAY –  FEB 8

We’ll try to address all of your questions while sharing our passion for winter sports and socials.  Make sure you:

  • Learn about resources,  upcoming trips and events available to you on our hpsc.ca website
  • Learn about our blog: https://blog.hpsc.ca/ Feel free to explore it at your convenience to learn how the Club’s members share the love for winter and enjoy life together
  • Get answers to your frequently asked questions. There’s a blog post with a lot of answers – make sure you check it out: https://blog.hpsc.ca/2020/01/__trashed/
  • Find out about volunteer opportunities and how you can contribute to the club and learn new skills to advance your career 
  • Download the App: Wild Apricot for Members  for quick access to see upcoming events, trips and easy registration

Also feel free to bring your other questions to the table. 

See you on Feb 4th @ Pravda Bar after 5 PM – for happy hour ($7 Perestroika will keep us warm on a chilly Toronto winter night).

It’s time to try something new!

If you are doing the same things for a while – it’s time to try something new. Life is a constant change management. In any change – there are always new opportunities. Downhillers and boarders went to snowshoe and cross country skiing last weekend for our Annual traditional cross over day. Oh what fun! Snowshoeing is the fastest growing winter sport. It’s a very peaceful and the least expensive winter sport activity.

We are at the peak of the season right now, our overnight trips are departing, we are glad to see our members happy pictures posted on Facebook group. Our day trips are busy. Life is good with High Park Ski Club! Keep calm and ski or ride or snow shoe on!

Stella HPSC Volunteer President