Silver white winters…

Silver white winters that melt into springs…These are a few of our favourite thingsā€¦

Happy winter and holiday season!

We had a blast at the season opening and test drive with the record number of beginners – downhill skiers and snowboarders. Few cross country members and instructors have opened the season at SilverStar’s XC Supercamps. Silver Star is a unique place with champaign powder quality of snow and stunning mountain views for both downhill and cross country skiers. There used to be a lift that would take cross country skiers to the top of the mountain. Our XC Director Heather has reported on Facebook that now XC skiers have to take gondola: DH & XC together for the unforgettable experience! Joint DH & XC trip in March will be fabulous!

Mark your calendars for January 25th and make it your New Years resolution to attend Cross over Day with Wine & Cheese party , when all downhill skiers and snowboarder are invited to join cross country skiers and snowshoers. Join me for the snowshoeing tour, I’ll be guiding the group of Downhill guests.

LAST CHANCE to join waitlist for Tremblant 3 trip, so we can add 2nd bus. We need at least 30 members on the waitlist to add second bus. This is a great chance for new members to finish the first season strong and with the best spring skiing and Apres ski. Cross country skiers and snowshoers are welcome to join the party! Snowshoeing and hiking options are fantastic, you’ll have a chance to have the views from the top of Tremblant mountain. 

Enjoy holidays season and join the day trips we have scheduled for you.

Best wishes,


HPSC Volunteer President

A note from a long term member

Hello There Just a thank you note for all the fun I had as a member of HPSC. I’m pretty old and my bones are quite full of holes so I’m giving up my membership with some sadness but deep gratitude for the great lessons, kind people and joy that I had skiing with you. I hope to hold onto the pleasure of being out in the snow in a quieter way and will not miss getting up at 5:30 to catch the bus. Ski safe everyone, keep laughing and have fun!

Good times never seemed so good, so good

Where it began , I can’t begin to knowing
But then I know it’s growing strong…

The 70th Anniversary season spectacular begins now… And we know that our club began in 1950, from the group of winter enthusiasts – members of YMCA in High Park area. Our first day on the snow this year is scheduled for December 007. Let’s make this historical season memorable for all. Please take a lot of pictures at all club’s activities and post them on our Facebook group. Please “like” pictures that you really like! The author of the most “liked” picture of the season will be invited to the Apres Season Snow Ball on April 25 2020 to receive a special 70th Anniversary Snow Globe Award! Imagine yourself on the HPSC Magic Carpet of fame! Have fun and make it into the club’s history! Read HPSC brief history here: We are adding new chapters every day. This season we’re entering into an exclusive partnership with Skiis & Biikes for the first time in club’s history to provide additional services to our members. We are continuously growing and improving. Viva High Park Ski Club!

Warm regards, Stella

HPSC Volunteer President

Happy Hours

Happy Hours events were held to warm up for the season, to practice Apres Ski in the city, to welcome new members, to give the opportunity to the potential members to meet up and ask questions about the club. These events are always warm gatherings of friends sharing the memories or dreams about the snow adventures.

Let it snow!

Winter is taking over the fall… There are so many reasons to ski or snowboard or Apres ski… Our first Downhill Day trip and Test Drive (for non members) is scheduled for December 007! And the first Day trip for Cross Country ski group is scheduled as a combo on December 14 – double 007… Let these be our lucky days for the opening of the 70th Anniversary Season Spectacular! Register from our web site’s front page for the upcoming events: We welcome all our new members with open hearts! Sign up to the wait list for the mega party at the end of the season in Tremblant in March. We are getting very close to adding second bus. Let’s all celebrate and have a good time! Register here:

Cheers! Stella

HPSC Volunteer President

Are we afraid of the winter?

Well kids, it’s coming our way! We had wonderful trick or treat experience! Treats, no tricks… So many of us have scored the overnight bus trips seats! We still have couple of trips open, so check it out and book before they are gone. Sign up to the wait list for Tremblant 3 trip in March for the Mega Apres season party. We have a rare opportunity to add the second bus, if we’ll have more than 30 in the waitlist. Everyone is welcome! Snowboarders of the club – unite in Tremblant! Cross country skiers – join the party and bring or rent the snow shoes or just use your hiking boots to climb Tremblant mountain. This trip is especially great for the new and new to the winter sports members. Finish your first season with the club strong!

We were able to add seats for some charter trips, including the most desirable trip this year – Aspen! Do you know that there is an active archeological site outside of Aspen, where they have recently found mammoth’s and even prehistoric human’s remains? Before we become a history – enjoy every opportunity to live your life to the fullest! Make your winter dreams come true this season! We are making
everything possible to add more trips opportunities for you, our amazing members!

We’ve climbed Blue Mountain again to prove that WE ARE WINTER AND APRES SKI READY!

HPSC Volunteer President