New Member 101 – What you need to know about Downhill Daytrips

First of all thank you for joining our club.  We realize that there are many procedures and policies that are new to you, so hopefully this list will answer a number of your more common questions.

  • TRIP REGISTRATION: Trips available for registration are found on the calendar (or list if you prefer list mode) on the Downhill Daytrips Registration page (Link below).  The upcoming trips will also be listed at the bottom of the HPSC homepage.
  • BUS vs. DRIVE UP: There are two “Events” listed per trip. One will have the word BUS in the title; the other will have the words DRIVE UP.  If you want to take the bus, register in the BUS module.  If you prefer to drive up you can, but to participate in our free HPSC Ski School lessons you MUST register in the Drive Up module (and you have to purchase your own lift ticket).

  • MUST BE LOGGED IN: You must be logged into the website to register for trips and to view all of the available trips.
  • REGISTRATION DEADLINES: Deadlines to sign up for daytrips – Thursday by 6pm for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday trips.  Sunday by 6pm for Wednesday trips.
  • CANCELLATION DEADLINES: If you need to cancel a trip (even if you have registered as a Drive Up) you need to send an email to by 8pm Wednesday for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday trips; 8pm Sunday for Wednesday trips.  Please include the trip number in subject line.  Trip number is found on the registration page for each trip.  Downhill daytrips will start with A (e.g. A1901), while the cross-country trips will start with an N (N1901). (Please see link below for Cancellation policy and procedure).
  • REFUNDS:  When you cancel a trip by the deadline, a full refund will be processed.

  • BRING A GUEST TRIPS:    On most of our daytrips we allow you to bring up to three guests.  However, you must register these guests and yourself at the same time on the Wednesday and Thursday (prior to 6pm) for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday trips; and Sunday and Monday (up to 6pm) for Wednesday trips. There is a $20 per guest fee in addition to the trip costs. Guests can participate in the HPSC free lessons.  But this program is only available when coming on the bus.  Guests cannot be Drive-ups.    
  • PICK UP LOCATIONS: You can get on the bus at any of the pick-up locations available for that trip.  You do not have to get on at the one you registered for.  For most trips the pick locations are Bloor/Indian Rd.; Yonge & Eglinton; Yonge & York Mills; 400/7.  (Please see link below for all pick up locations).
  • ADDITIONAL PICK UP LOCATIONS ON 2 BUS TRIPS: On trips where we have added a second bus (after we have enough registrants for one bus) we also add in two additional pick up locations (Queens Quay; Liberty Village).  Once again if you have registered early at one of the other pick up locations, but we have added a second bus (and the additional pick ups) and either of these is more convenient, you can get on at one of these two. Descriptions of all pickup locations are described on the website under the Our Trips page.  The exact locations are also pinned to a Google map on page. (Please see link below for all pick up locations).

  • READ THE TRIP STATUS EMAIL YOU RECIEVE:  After registering for a trip you will receive an email confirming your registration.  It will include the information that is on the Trip description page where you registered.  A few days prior to the trip you will also receive a Trip Status email.  It is important to read this message.  It will indicate if the trip is a go or cancelled.  It will also provide information on the pick up times and locations being used for that trip, as well as information regarding lessons.  In some instances, there may be a change (for example extreme weather) when a trip maybe cancelled after you have already received the trip status.  In that instance you will receive a revised Trip Status.  It is also good to check the Trip Status page on the website the night before your schedule trip.  A link to the Trip Status page is located on the Downhill Daytrips Registration page (Link to Trip Status Page is below).

  • NO LESSONS IF TRIP IS CANCELLED: If the bus trip does not run, there are no lessons even for drive-ups
  • SHOW UP EARLY AT YOUR PICK UP LOCATION: Please arrive at your pick up location at least 5-10 minutes prior to the listed time.  And be prepared to board the bus when it arrives.  The bus drivers, and HPSC volunteer bus captains, will check to see if anyone is rushing to get to the bus at the scheduled departure time and wait, but they need to stick to the schedule as close as possible.  Especially at the Yonge/Eglinton stop since due to the ongoing LRT construction, our bus stops in a TTC bus stop location, and we need to load and leave as quick as possible to our scheduled time.
  • WHEN ARE WALK ONS ALLOWED:  If there are seats left on the bus you can “walk on” if the trip status states Walk Ons are allowed and at what pick up locations.  There is a Walk On fee of $10.   
  • MUST REGISTER FOR LESSONS: Ski school plans for the number of students based on the number of registrations for the bus and drive-ups at the time of the deadline (Thursday or Monday night).  If you are not registered for a lesson you will not be able to participate in a lesson.
  • MUST WEAR A HELMET IN LESSONS: When taking one of the HPSC Ski School lessons you MUST wear a helmet.
  • LINE UP FOR LESSONS:  Line up for lessons is 10 minute prior to the start of lessons.  This allows the Ski School to arrange the classes.  You must be ready to start at the time of the lesson.