The Cyborg Chicks Ski Aspen

This pic might look like it’s back from the future, but it’s real life.  HSPC members Angela Johnson and Carolan Mackay, both knee injured skiers, tried ROAM Robotics Exoskeleton out on the Aspen long trip.   The exoskeleton fits over your ski pants and supports up to 30% of your body weight.  Angela, 17 days post meniscus tear surgery, tried the device and said:  “I found I could ski the whole day and I know that it took a lot of the stress off my knee.  It never encumbered my turns.”  Carolan, 21 days post ACL tear injury, was also able to ski for a half day despite being told that her ski season was over.  “I was so curious to try out the technology.  Really, words can’t describe how surreal it was to have that feeling of a structure supporting and responding to you.”   Both cyborg chicks found that the device was easy to ski in, almost to the point that you could forget about it.  The only reminder was the backpack containing the batteries, computer, and a bladder that inflated the pneumatic pump because it made constant noise like a baby goat.  The onsite ROAM rep, Brooke Pashley, took amazing care to make sure they understood the device and were able to gain confidence using it.  She skied with them until they felt ready to ski on their own. Roam offers the exoskeleton for rent or purchase at several locations in the U.S.  The rental and tryout fee is very reasonable.  The exoskeleton is not just for injured skiers, but can also help skiers who just find that they don’t have the strength they used to have or perhaps didn’t hit the gym enough prior to their ski trip.    @Roamrobotics