Interested in travelling to XC ski and snowshoe? Consider helping us out!

There are many awesome places to ski and snowshoe in Canada, the US and beyond! We know there is more demand now for long trips, but XC needs help to make more long trips happen.

There are different kinds of help needed: 

1. You could help us with general online research to find great new locations and/or research locations where we are thinking of going. It would be great to develop a ‘database’ of locations (and details about them).

2. You could assist in organizing specific trips.

3. You could be a trip leader. There are benefits to being a trip leader – you for sure will get on the trip (which sometimes can be hard for popular trips!) and a good portion of your trip will be paid for (it depends on the type of trip as to how much). Trip leaders should be detail-oriented, friendly, and able to roll with the punches and problem solve. Assisting on a trip is a good way to get started and learn the ropes!

Email if you are willing to help us out!