Cross-Country Paradise!

HPSC recently had a fabulous trip to Quebec City (Mar. 10-15). While I’ve been skiing for over a decade, it was my first time there. I can’t wait to go back! It really is one of the best bases for XC skiing and snowshoeing in the country. We visited three locations – Mont-Ste-Anne (two days), Sentier des Caps (at Le Massif; one day), and Camp Mercier (one day). Combined you are looking at 250+km of trails! As with most trips this year, conditions were looking dire…then the area received 50cm of new snow the day before our first ski day. We were saved!!! Follow this up with four days of sun and above zero temperatures and we got some pretty magical spring skiing. Everyone keeps asking me why I am so tanned. Yes, I forgot sunscreen.

My favourite day hands down was Sentier des Caps. It was solid sun all day, and the classic skiing in the trees was amazing. The system isn’t large, but it made up for that in views of the St. Lawrence – including a magnificent one off the Abbatis hut (made the tough climb out worth it!). But all our ski days were fantastic – and Jean-Emile was even passed by world champion skier Alex Harvey at MSA!

A great part of the trip is staying in the city – not only do you get great skiing during the day, you can wander around a beautiful city at night and eat lots of amazing food, including as many croissants as you could want. If you need a break from skiing, you can be a city tourist. It’s really the best of both worlds

Huge thanks to Ephraim for his exceptional trip leading skills and hopefully we get to go again!

Heather Steel
Director of Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing