Special Wednesday Trip Open for All STEP Levels on February 12

Mansfield Ski Club

You might have heard about the fun on our Wednesday trips to private ski clubs but haven’t had a chance to experience it since instruction is usually restricted to intermediate and advanced skiers only.    However, as a special event for HPSC members newer to the sport we have opened up registration for the Wednesday trip on February 12th to Mansfield Ski Club to all levels and will be providing instruction for all STEPs. 

If you are just a beginner and want to experience what a private club is like, this is your opportunity to play hooky for the day and join the Wednesday HPSC crowd.  Remember to bring a health snack to share on the ride home!  Register here:


Happy New Year!! Book your January ski days now!!

The New Year means the ski season is moving into full swing with four HPSC alpine day trips scheduled each week (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday). 

Caution – Don’t risk not getting on the daytrips you want. Sign up early and often!

The full January schedule is available for registration, so go in and book all of the daytrips you plan on going on.  As we did last year, we are guaranteeing to run at least one bus (except due to extreme weather conditions) for all scheduled trips in January and February.  A second bus will only be added if there is strong interest and we have filled the first bus, so it is best to sign up as soon as possible.   Our club is growing quickly, which means more sold out buses, so sign up early and sign up often.

Alpine Daytrip highlights in January:

January 11 @ MSLM: Member Appreciation and Double Double Lessons. You can take lessons both morning and afternoon with our own HPSC Ski Instructors, and then stay for a special Pizza après event for HPSC Members only. This is a Member only trip. The bus will depart at 6:15pm allowing for additional time to socialize and get to know your fellow HPSC members.

January 25: Alpine/Nordic Cross-Over Day – Downhill skiers and boarders are encouraged to try out cross-country skiing or snowshoeing with our fellow Nordic HPSC members at Scenic Caves.  At the end of the day is the annual Nordic Wine & Cheese event.  Nordic skiers are encouraged to cross-over and try downhill or boarding for the day at Mount St. Louis Moonstone.  As always, all HPSC members can take free lessons with our own qualified ski school instructors.

January 26@Blue Mountain:  National Ski and Snowboard Day and free HPSC Pizza Lunch.  Join the HPSC Sunday@Blue Crew to celebrate National Ski and Snowboard Day with one of our special pizza lunch events. 

Also open for registration is the special members only day trip to Holiday Valley on February 15.  This is the only daytrip we will be running over Family Day weekend.  No drive up option is available for this trip.

Don’t delay and risk not getting on the daytrips you want . . . sign up early, and sign up often. 


What is a Walk-On and how do you pay for a trip? New Walk-On Procedure

When there are extra spaces on the bus, members are allowed to show up (usually at 400/7 only) and ‘walk-on’ the bus. 

However, there is a cost to this privilege – the club has reinstituted the $10 walk-on fee for all downhill daytrips to encourage members to not wait and to sign up before the regular deadline. 

And in response to requests, you can now pay electronically when you walk-on. 

Please follow the ‘walk-on’ procedure outlined below:

  1.  Check the Downhill Trip Status Page (link below) on the website to see if Walk-Ons will be allowed, and at what stops.  If the status is No Walk-Ons it is because the bus has sold out . . . please do not try to be a special walk-on.   
  2. Allow all registered members to get on the bus first and find a seat.  If you are at 400/7 please wait outside the bus until the Bus Captain indicates the number of available Walk-On seats. 
  3. Walk-On spots are on a first come, first service basis.  We cannot have more people on the bus than the number of seats. If there are more potential walk-ons than available seats, please discuss amongst the other potential walk-ons and the bus captain a fair and equitable process.  
  4. When allowed on the bus, find a seat and store your gear appropriately (no boots in the overhead bin).  The bus cannot leave until everyone has a seat and is seated.  You can socialize with your friends when the bus gets underway.
  5. The bus captain will make his/her announcements and will also state that the Walk-On module on the website and app is enabled (it will only be available when the bus is on the highway).  At this point you can go online on your smart phone to either the Wild Apricot for Members App or to the HPSC website and go to the event for the trip that also says WALK ON in the title.  You will be asked to pay for the Walk-On fee, your lift ticket option, and the bus fee (bus vouchers are not allowed for walk-ons).  NOTE:  You can still pay by cash if you choose.
  6. When the Bus Captain comes around to check you in, please let them know what your lift ticket option is and show them your proof of payment (either from the app or the confirmation email). 
  7. Enjoy your day!!  And remember to be back on the bus and in your seat at least 5 minutes prior to departure time. (If you are not coming back on the bus, please let the bus captain know at some point during the day.) 


If driving up please register in the separate DRIVE UP module created for each trip!

One of the privileges of being an HPSC Member is the ability to drive up to the resort on your own or with friends and still participate in lessons with our fantastic ski/boarding instructors.  This privilege is not extended to any guests on trips.  You can drive up together, but only members can participate in the free HPSC lessons.   Only members and guests who are on the bus receive the group discount lift ticket.  

As outlined in a previous post, if you want to drive up, we require you to register so that the ski school is prepared for the right number of students and have the correct number of instructors available. 

Each downhill daytrip has a corresponding and separate Drive Up module.  If you want to drive up to the resort you need to register on the SEPARATE Drive Up module and not the regular trip module.  If you are being asked about your lift ticket option or bus pick up location, you are in the regular module.  Please exit and find the one with Drive Up in the title.   


Fantastic Kick Off to the HPSC Downhill Season!!

HPSC Kick Off and Test Drive MSLM December 7 2019

Hurrah!!! The ski season has begun!!!!!

It was a superb first day for our two buses to travel to Mount St Louis Moonstone on Saturday December 7! Sunny day, hero snow, lots of friends from High Park and many guests, skiers, snowboarders, beginners, experts. December 7th was also our first Test Drive trip of the season with over 25 guests checking out the club.  

On the following Monday, December 9th, a group of dedicated skiers and boarders also initiated the Blue Mountain season for HPSC.  Despite the light rain, it was a fantastic day!  And a little après at the Irish Pub in the village to top off the day, as well as some seasonal music on the bus ride home.  

There are still a number of trips scheduled before the New Year, including this coming weekend to Mount St Louis Moonstone on Saturday and Blue Mountain on Sunday.  Our instructors will be back from their training weekend in Tremblant. So get your shopping done early and avoid the crazy crowds at the mall . . . come skiing instead!  

After Christmas and Boxing Day if you want to test out your new equipment sign up for MSLM on December 28th or come on a special trip to Mansfield Ski Club on Monday December 30th.  

All of the January alpine daytrips are open for registration!


Some Small Changes on Downhill Daytrips

Each year your Downhill Daytrips team attempts to improve the overall process of trips.  This year we have a couple of small tweaks to let you know about.

Liberty Village pick up: As previously announced, on two bus trips we will also have a pick-up location in Liberty Village on the west side of Lamport Stadium.  Please see https://www.hpsc.ca/Day-Trip-Pick-Up-Locations

Cashless Buses: Starting this year, Bus Captains will no longer be responsible for collecting cash on the bus for walk-ons or any other money. Any money owed will be recorded and will be billed onto your HPSC account.  You will need to pay the invoice prior to booking for another trip or paid event. 

Dedicated Bin for Ski School Instructors Equipment:  We have always asked that you allow our Instructors to get off the bus first so that they can get started at arranging for ski assessments and lessons.  However, most times they end up pulling off all of the skis from the bus to get to their own.  We are requesting that all Ski Instructors put their skis in a dedicated marked Instructor bin (usually Bin 4).  Members can put their equipment in any of the other available bins on the way to the resort.  On the way home, all skis/boards etc. (including Instructors) should be in the bin for their desired drop off location as is currently done.   

Rowan’s Law – concussion protocol:– In Ontario there is a new law regarding concussion protocols for young adults that all sports programs and sports clubs (such as HPSC) must follow.  All participants in HPSC (members and guests) 25 and younger must sign a waiver indicating an understanding of what they need to do in case of a possible concussion and ways to prevent concussions.  This is the reason that in registration we are asking if you are 25 or younger – it is especially important when you register any guest on a trip that we know if they are under 26 so that we can get them to sign the additional Rowan’s Law waiver. 

Get some skiing in prior to the New Year!

Can’t wait to get on the hills – Neither can we! After our kick off on December 7, we have scheduled six more trips in December to choose from. 

Midweek Skiing: For those who like to ski mid-week and want to get some extra days in on their 5X7 or Ikon pass, we have a couple of trips to Blue Mountain (Monday December 9; Wednesday December 18). 

Get the Rust Off/Sleep In Days: Do you really want to do a ski assessment on your first run of the year?  For the weekend of December 14 and 15, while our instructors are off on their annual training excursion to Mount Tremblant, we are offering a couple of sleep-in “Get the Rust Off” days to Mount St. Louis and Blue Mountain respectively.  These are combo trips with our Nordic members, and since the entire day will be free skiing we have agreed to use the slightly later Nordic pick-up times (starting at 7:50 from Bloor/Indian Rd.)   Because we are leaving the city off a little later in the morning, we get to stay at the hills a little longer, allowing for more Après time!

Avoid the Crazy Mall Crowds – Go Skiing Instead: Get your shopping done early so you can avoid the crazy crowds at the mall on the last weekend before Christmas and instead enjoy the fairly empty slopes at Mount St Louis and Blue Mountain. December 21 and 22 our instructors will be back, so we are back to our regular trip schedule.

Can’t Wait to Try Out Your New Equipment?: For those who just got new equipment as a gift or on Boxing Day and just can’t wait to try it out, we have scheduled a trip to Mount St Louis on Saturday December 28.   

Avoid the Crowded Holiday Slopes – Ski with Us at Mansfield Ski Club Instead: Our last trip of 2019 is on Monday December 30 when we are off to Mansfield Ski Club for a special treat during the holiday break.  While the other resorts may be crowded with everyone else who just got new equipment, we will be skiing at a private club which prides itself on having fantastic conditions for it’s members and guests. And due to it’s closeness to the GTA we will be starting off a later than normal (first pickup is 8am from Bloor/Indian Rd.), which means of course more Après time in the afternoon.  Celebrate an early New Year with your HPSC friends!    


Two Bus Test Drive on December 7th Means Additional Pick Up Locations at Queen’s Quay and Liberty Village

We have two buses for this the first daytrip of the season, which means that we have added the two additional pickup points of Queen’s Quay, and the new spot in Liberty Village. 

As a reminder, even if you didn’t sign up for these pick-up spots, you can use any of the locations that best suits your needs! To find out exactly where all of our pick-up locations click here: https://www.hpsc.ca/Day-Trip-Pick-Up-Locations

Registration deadline is December 4th by 6pm! 


Special Family Day Weekend Day Trip To Holiday Valley Now Open for Registration

Holiday Valley resort, just outside of Buffalo, has been a very popular destination for the High Park Ski Club for a long time.  The weekend trip sells our very quickly each season.  This year you too can experience the magic of Holiday Valley for yourself . . . if just for a day

On the Family Day weekend, we will be running just this one day trip – Saturday February 15.   Much like the weekend trips, we expect the day trip will sell out quickly so please register as soon as possible.  The day also includes a pizza après at the resort. 

Since we are heading west instead of north, the last pickup location for this special daytrip will be in Oakville at the commuter lot at Winston Churchill and the QEW, in place of 400/7. All of the other regular pickup locations will be used.  

This is a Member Only event.  No “Bring a Friend” nor drive-ups allowed. 

Registration is now open.  To find the trip, go to the Downhill daytrips registration page and go to the calendar at the bottom.  Forward the calendar to February and the trip will be there on February 15.

Member Appreciation / Double Double Day Trip Now Open for Registration

One of the highlights of the HPSC season is the annual Member Appreciation Day trip to Mount St. Louis Moonstone on Saturday January 11th.  This is also our annual Double Double trip with lessons in both the morning and afternoon.  This is a fantastic way to get motivated for the rest of the ski season. 

At the end of the day we will be staying a little later than normal allowing for more Après time to mix and mingle.  This is a fantastic way for new members to get to know their fellow HPSC members.  In addition, there will be free pizza during the après.  The bus will depart at 6:15pm. 

This is a Members ONLY event.