The ski season has finally taken off!! Sign up early and often

After a bit of an up and down early January the HPSC season has taken off with full buses to both Mount St. Louis and Blue Mountain, as well as on the Wednesday trips.  Thank you to all of the members who have signed up for trips – and a big thank you to all the new members who have jumped into the club with both feet. 

With a growing membership, trips have been filling quickly.  While the deadline for registering for weekend day trips is Thursday 6pm (Monday 6pm for Wednesday trips), with a lot of passionate new members, trips have been selling out before that point. 

To ensure we are being fiscally responsible, we initially open enough spots for one bus and if all those spots are filled, a waitlist opens immediately.  If it is decided that there is sufficient time and interest, spots for a second bus will be added.  The waitlist helps to gauge if there is sufficient numbers for a second bus, and that the trip still breaks even. 

Opening a second bus also means that we add additional pick up locations (Queen’s Quay; Liberty Village; Davenport/Yonge).   All those on the waitlist will be added to the trip and be notified of their invoice.  They will then have between 12 and 24  hours to pay their invoice (depending on how close to the registration deadline is).  If they don’t pay, the spot will be cancelled.  The bottom line is to ensure you get on the trip, you need to sign up early and often.  And if the trip is full, add your name to the waitlist.   

If you are interested in going on daytrip – even if it is in few weeks or next month, please register as soon as you can.  This guarantees you don’t miss out on a day on the slopes you want to go on, it also lets us know that there may be enough interest for additional buses. 

All trips until the beginning of March are open for registration.   So sign up early and sign up often.

Justin Graham, Assistant Director of Downhill Daytrips