What is a Walk-On and how do you pay for a trip? New Walk-On Procedure

When there are extra spaces on the bus, members are allowed to show up (usually at 400/7 only) and ‘walk-on’ the bus. 

However, there is a cost to this privilege – the club has reinstituted the $10 walk-on fee for all downhill daytrips to encourage members to not wait and to sign up before the regular deadline. 

And in response to requests, you can now pay electronically when you walk-on. 

Please follow the ‘walk-on’ procedure outlined below:

  1.  Check the Downhill Trip Status Page (link below) on the website to see if Walk-Ons will be allowed, and at what stops.  If the status is No Walk-Ons it is because the bus has sold out . . . please do not try to be a special walk-on.   
  2. Allow all registered members to get on the bus first and find a seat.  If you are at 400/7 please wait outside the bus until the Bus Captain indicates the number of available Walk-On seats. 
  3. Walk-On spots are on a first come, first service basis.  We cannot have more people on the bus than the number of seats. If there are more potential walk-ons than available seats, please discuss amongst the other potential walk-ons and the bus captain a fair and equitable process.  
  4. When allowed on the bus, find a seat and store your gear appropriately (no boots in the overhead bin).  The bus cannot leave until everyone has a seat and is seated.  You can socialize with your friends when the bus gets underway.
  5. The bus captain will make his/her announcements and will also state that the Walk-On module on the website and app is enabled (it will only be available when the bus is on the highway).  At this point you can go online on your smart phone to either the Wild Apricot for Members App or to the HPSC website and go to the event for the trip that also says WALK ON in the title.  You will be asked to pay for the Walk-On fee, your lift ticket option, and the bus fee (bus vouchers are not allowed for walk-ons).  NOTE:  You can still pay by cash if you choose.
  6. When the Bus Captain comes around to check you in, please let them know what your lift ticket option is and show them your proof of payment (either from the app or the confirmation email). 
  7. Enjoy your day!!  And remember to be back on the bus and in your seat at least 5 minutes prior to departure time. (If you are not coming back on the bus, please let the bus captain know at some point during the day.)