New member snowboarder – from rookie to rockstar in one season

Ani is riding Marmot Basin mountain in Jasper, just one year after the step 0 lesson with HPSC

Ani has joined our club last year at the members appreciation event with double double lessons of ground zero snowboarding. A year later at the same time Ani is sharing photos and videos of his accomplishments on the black diamonds in Jasper. Experts snowboarders, who are mastering the skills for years and took many big mountain trips over the years, are impressed. Ani has expressed the gratitude to HPSC instructors for spending time with him at MSLM , teaching him new skills, helping to do the drills and mastering the moves. Ani now has higher mountain dreams – Japan, Europe, more places in the West, maybe even moving closer to the mountains, if “working from home” can be stretched that far.

I’ve asked Ani: “How did you achieve such an amazing progress in the short period of time? ” Ani was very sincere and emotional: “I was there every single Saturday, man!” Ani means it, when we hit the dance floor on New Years eve – Ani was first to dance, when we share the notes of the day – Ani is fully engaged. Living life to the fullest, eh?