New Years resolution – celebrate!

Let’s make a commitment and a goal to stay active for the entire winter and to finish the season strong! Join me and others for Members Appreciation Crossover day on January 25! I will be leading a group of downhill guests/ snowshoers.

Last year at Tremblant in March one of our members – snowboarder (a regular race winner) has challenged me to try snowboarding, as I’ve tried all club’s sports except snowboarding. I have promised in Snobiz that I will give it to try at our Double Double day. As Double Double lessons day was approaching I had to evaluate my promise before my registration for the day trip. Even though I found a perfect board with high hills in Jasper, in the spirit of New Year’s resolutions I have to stay true to myself… As I am in the big life challenge and change phase already right now – looking for the new job opportunities, I will stick to skiing and snowshoeing to keep the stress and risk levels under control.

I will continue to promote snowboarding with all available to me methods. We had 6! snowboarders in Jasper and we have higher than usual number of snowboarders signed up for Tremblant 3 trip. Ski or ride – let’s enjoy what we love doing, all together!

And Double Double day trip was cancelled due to the freezing rain – double confirmation of my intuition. The safety and positive experience of our members are the most important! Now we ask all members for help… please do the snow dance!

Stella, HPSC Volunteer President