Let it snow!

Winter is taking over the fall… There are so many reasons to ski or snowboard or Apres ski… Our first Downhill Day trip and Test Drive (for non members) is scheduled for December 007! And the first Day trip for Cross Country ski group is scheduled as a combo on December 14 – double 007… Let these be our lucky days for the opening of the 70th Anniversary Season Spectacular! Register from our web site’s front page for the upcoming events: https://hpsc.ca/ We welcome all our new members with open hearts! Sign up to the wait list for the mega party at the end of the season in Tremblant in March. We are getting very close to adding second bus. Let’s all celebrate and have a good time! Register here: https://hpsc.ca/event-3507219

Cheers! Stella

HPSC Volunteer President

Come Test Us Out!! – Experience a HPSC Ski Day for Yourself! Test Drive Day – December 7th @MSLM

Have you wanted to learn to ski or snowboard?  Or get back into the sport?  Or don’t have anyone to go with?  Or just don’t want to drive all the way up to the resort yourself.  You are who HPSC is made for.  Come test us out!!

On December 7th we want to welcome all potential members (and of course members) who would like to find out what an HPSC downhill day is like.  This is the first of our two annual Test Drive days which means registration is open to one and all.

In addition to a discounted group lift ticket, as on all of our daytrips, all who register (including non-members) can participate in our free lessons by our CSIA qualified ski instructors.

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Are you getting excited yet?? Just a month until the first scheduled day trip

As the days get colder we skiers and boarders get more and more excited.  The daytrips team has been working hard over the summer and fall to plan an interesting season of skiing and boarding for all of our members. 

Things kick off on Saturday December 7th with our first Test Drive day of the season to Mount St. Louis Moonstone.  Make sure you have a spot on the first ski trip of the year!  The Test Drive is open to non-members.  Registration is now open.

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Are we afraid of the winter?

Well kids, it’s coming our way! We had wonderful trick or treat experience! Treats, no tricks… So many of us have scored the overnight bus trips seats! We still have couple of trips open, so check it out and book before they are gone. Sign up to the wait list for Tremblant 3 trip in March for the Mega Apres season party. We have a rare opportunity to add the second bus, if we’ll have more than 30 in the waitlist. Everyone is welcome! Snowboarders of the club – unite in Tremblant! Cross country skiers – join the party and bring or rent the snow shoes or just use your hiking boots to climb Tremblant mountain. This trip is especially great for the new and new to the winter sports members. Finish your first season with the club strong!

We were able to add seats for some charter trips, including the most desirable trip this year – Aspen! Do you know that there is an active archeological site outside of Aspen, where they have recently found mammoth’s and even prehistoric human’s remains? Before we become a history – enjoy every opportunity to live your life to the fullest! Make your winter dreams come true this season! We are making
everything possible to add more trips opportunities for you, our amazing members!

We’ve climbed Blue Mountain again to prove that WE ARE WINTER AND APRES SKI READY!

HPSC Volunteer President

Gear talk: Wait, what? I need to wax waxless skis?

Congrats, you just bought waxless classic skis! But wait. Yes, we need to talk about waxing.

Traditionally, classic skis needed to have two types of wax applied – grip/kick wax and glide wax. Grip wax comes in an array of confusing colours and temperature ranges and is applied to a pocket underneath the foot (the size of which is dependent on the skier). When the skier puts their weight on their foot, the wax grips the snow and the skier can kick off that ski and glide on the other foot. The other part of the equation – glide wax – is applied above and below the grip wax zone (the “tips and tails” of the ski). This wax helps you to glide faster.

Then along came waxless skis. Rather than grip/kick wax, waxless skis achieve grip on the snow with a scale pattern etched in the base of the skis or, a more recent innovation, skins (a strip of mohair/nylon that is applied to the grip zone). This is where the term ‘waxless’ comes from – because there is no grip wax used.

BUT, you still should use glide wax to achieve a good glide.

There are different types of glide waxes you can use. The easiest option is the all-purpose liquids or pastes that you can apply before you head out for a ski. You might get 10k out of these kinds of waxes, so apply them at the start of every ski day, and maybe again after lunch depending on your mileage. They are easy – slap them on, buff them up a bit, and off you go.

The other option is to apply hot wax. You know those images of skiers ironing their skis? That’s hot waxing. This lasts a lot longer, is more effective, and, for a recreational skier, could be done just a few times a season (or less, depending on how much you ski). You can do it yourself if you are keen to get in the waxing game and have the proper set up at home (i.e. a garage, waxes, brushes, an iron etc., and YouTube) OR you can simply ask one of the friendly techs at the ski resorts we visit to wax them for you for pretty cheap. Highlands Nordic, Hardwood Hills, and Horseshoe Valley all offer waxing services. I suggest getting it done at the start of the season, and then again mid-way through. Do it more often if you put on serious mileage. If your bases start looking grey, you might want to think about getting them waxed.

Waxless skis have taken much of the waxing mystery out of skiing. Is it a blue day? Violet? Red? I don’t know! If you don’t want to deal with grip wax in the highly changeable conditions we find ourselves in Southern Ontario (and really, who does?), waxless skis are a great option. But use glide wax on the tips and tails and you might find yourself gliding along a bit faster.

Long Trips

New Trip – Holiday Valley

New trips has been added to the schedule, W9 Holiday Valley-2. The interest in Holiday Valley was exceptional this year so we have put on a new weekend trip to accommodate those on the long waiting list and also provide seats for many more members for this attractive location.  Holiday Valley is a great resort to ski and quite close to Toronto. If you have never been there before you’ll really like the skiing and enjoy the pretty town of Ellicottville on Saturday night. On this trip you will leave after work on Friday and return early Sunday night.

Trip Sign-Up Night #4

Trip Sign-Up Night #4 (TSUN) will occur this week on Thursday, November 7, 2019 starting at exactly 8:00 PM. W9 Holiday Valley-2 go on sale for the first time. Login, go to the trip page and scroll down to the “Register” button. Don’t look for the button now; the “Register” button will appear only after 8:00 PM. Registration will continue 24 hours a day until each trip is sold out. Note: previously announced trip to Banff-2 in March is cancelled due to the low interest.

Getting on a Trip

The procedures for registering on TSUN are on the webpage, TRIP SIGN UP PROCESS. Only those who have paid the membership fee for 2019-2020 are able to register.

Open Trips

There are still a number of seats open on several trips: Two overnight trips, W4 Mt Ste Anne on Family Day weekend (12 seats), and W7 Lake Placid a mid-week trip in March (23 seats). Two charter trips, C6 Silver Star BC which is combination of downhill and X-country (4 seats), and C7 Les Arcs France which is the second Europe trip of the season (2 seats). You can register for these seats at any time. Seats on the 2 charter trips have definite deadline dates where unsold space must be released.

Join Waitlist Button

If you see a “Join Waitlist” button instead of the “Register” button, do not think that you have missed out. We try our best to get a place for everybody on the waitlist. You may not hear from the Trip Leader right away because it takes some time to arrange for extra seats. If your name is on the waitlist, you will be contacted in the order you signed up. So go ahead and add your name to the waitlist; there is no cost to do so. If you later change your mind and are no longer interested in that trip, you could send a courtesy email to the Trip Leader so your name can be removed from the waitlist.

Cancellation Insurance

HPSC strongly recommends that you have trip insurance for any long trip. If you are injured or get sick either beforehand or while on the trip you will want to have insurance so you can recover the cost of the trip. And here is an important reminder, “Put a photocopy of your insurance information in your ski jacket.” If something happens on the hill, you will want to have your OHIP card and insurance information at hand and not back in a hotel someplace. 

Bill Bates, Director