New Pick Up Location in Liberty Village for Downhill Trips

When we have enough registrants for a second bus, we will now be using an additional pick up in the Liberty Village area to accommodate the growing number of members in that part of the city.

The pick-up will be to the west of Lamport Stadium on Fraser Avenue. This will be the second stop after Queens Quay.

For those using public transit, the King streetcar goes right past, and the Dufferin bus is just a couple of blocks away.  The Exhibition GO station is also within walking distance. For those who drive, there is a Green P paid parking lot on the south side of Lamport Stadium. 

NOTE – This location will only be listed and used (along with Queens Quay) when we have added a second bus to a trip after we have filled the first bus and have sufficient members on the wait list to justify a second bus.

Information on all of our pick-up locations is located on the website: