Information on Upcoming Downhill Daytrips

As you are now aware, we will be starting to run Downhill daytrip buses as of February 12th.  We will be starting with a maximum of 25 members on the bus and will increase the numbers after February 21st when new provincial guidelines come into effect. 

Until February 11th all of the scheduled trips will continue to be Drive-up ONLY. 

For the first week we will have buses on February 12 (MSLM); February 14 (Blue Mountain Inn), and February 16 (Craigleith).  Note that the Sunday February 13th trip to Blue Mountain remains as a Drive-up only, and the Monday February 14th trip to the Blue Mountain Inn is a Bus Only trip.

A2013MSLMSat12-Feb-22BUS/Drive-up25Tue Feb 1Tue Feb 8
A2014Blue Mountain SouthSun13-Feb-22Drive-up ONLYN/ATue Feb 1Tue Feb 8
A20915Blue Mountain InnMon14-Feb-22BUS ONLY25Tue Feb 1Tue Feb 8
A20916CraigleithWed16-Feb-22BUS/Drive-up25Tue Feb 1Thur Feb 10

During the second week the following three trips will be available:

A2015MSLMSat19-Feb-22BUS/Drive-up25Tue Feb 8Tue Feb 15
A2016Blue Mountain SouthSun20-Feb-22BUS ONLY20Tue Feb 8Tue Feb 15
A20918OslerWed23-Feb-22BUS/Drive-up42Tue Feb 8Thurs Feb 17

Pleas note that the Sunday February 20th trip to Blue Mountain South is bus only and is limited to 20 members due to the number of instructors available for that day.   There will be no Monday trip to Blue Mountain on February 21st since it is Family Day and there is a blackout in place for the 5×7 Pass, and the regular lift ticket price is in effect at approximately $100. 

As of February 21st, if the current provincial re-opening plan remains in place, we will be able to increase the maximum number of members on the bus. 

At that point we will return to our regular schedule of four buses per week on Saturday (MSLM), Sunday (Blue Mountain South Lodge), Monday (Blue Mountain Inn), and Wednesday (various private clubs and Blue Mountain later in the season.  The full schedule is available here.

As communicated earlier, the MSLM Lodge and the Blue Mountain South Lodge, will not be open to change in.  In order to accommodate changing on the bus, we have set a maximum of 35 members for Saturday and Sunday trips until further notice.  Monday and Wednesday bus trips we have set a maximum of 42 members until further notice.

For the last week of February the scheduled trips are the following:

A2017MSLM – Double DoubleSat26-Feb-22BUS/Drive-up35Tue Feb 15Tue Feb 22
A2018Blue Mountain SouthSun27-Feb-22BUS/Drive-up35Tue Feb 15Tue Feb 22
A20919Blue Mountain InnMon28-Feb-22BUS/Drive-up42Tue Feb 15Tue Feb 22
A20920Devil’s GlennWed02-Mar-22BUS/Drive-up42Tues Feb 15Thurs Feb 24


  • To book any trip – bus or drive-up – you need to have already provided your proof of vaccination to the club.  If you have not done so, please email it to Once our membership team has viewed the proof your membership status will change to include a ‘v’ meaning you are verified and can therefore register for trips.
  • There are new registration deadlines for both bus and drive up downhill daytrips:
    • Saturday, Sunday, Monday trips: Tuesday 6pm (cancellation is Monday 8pm)
    • Wednesday trips: Thursday 6pm (cancellation is Wednesday 8pm)
  • Trips will be open for registration on the Tuesday in the week prior to the registration deadline.  This allows for greater flexibility in case there are changes to regulations or other reasons.
  • You must wear a proper mask at all times on the bus and remain seated (except to go to the washroom).  Quick sips of drink are allowed.
  • As noted earlier, the Mount St. Louis lodge on Saturdays and Blue Mountain South Lodge on Sundays is not available to change in or leave your belongings.  Therefore, you will need to prepare on the bus.  We recommend bringing a towel that you can put on the floor when putting on your boots to reduce the impact on the bus floor.
  • All daytrips will follow a reverse drop off schedule after the 400/7 stop – Bloor/Indian Rd.; Davenport & Yonge; Yonge & Eglinton; Yonge & York Mills.
  • Members who wish to drive up AND take a lesson must register for the lesson on the Drive-up registration module. You must, however, arrange for your own lift ticket. As noted earlier due to the number of instructors available this year, there are a couple of trips where Drive-up is not being offered.
  • As always if you register with a Bus Voucher you must bring the physical voucher with you on the trip.

COVID-19 policies and procedures:

  • All HPSC members must show proof of full vaccination before registering for a club trip. Please see here for the full club vaccination policy.
  • All day trip participants must be members. There will be no test drive or guest days this year.
  • Members must comply with mask policies on the bus and at the resorts. Proper cloth or medical masks must be worn and cover the nose and mouth. Buffs and improper wearing of masks will not be tolerated.
  • Please do not come on a trip if you are experiencing symptoms of illness, have tested positive for COVID-19, or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. In these instances, we have a more flexible cancellation policy this year.
  • If you test positive for or suspect you are sick from COVID-19, please inform us so that we can contact trace those on the bus or in your lesson.
  • Failure to adhere to club or public health rules will be considered a breach of conduct and addressed accordingly.
  • The full HPSC COVID Protocol document is available here.

Cancellation procedures

  • The cancellation deadline is Monday at 8pm for Saturday , Sunday, and Monday day trips and Wednesday at 8pm for the following Wednesday day trip.  
  • You must email with the trip number (AXXXX) and the cancellation request. The cancellations team will email you a confirmation of receipt.
  • If you do not follow this procedure before the deadline, you will be considered a “no show” and will be charged for the bus ($30).
  • If you do not come because you are sick or have been in contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19, you may email within 72 hours after the trip to get a full refund.
  • Please do not come on the trip if you are sick! If we find our no-show rate is too high (costing us too much money and depriving others of seats on the bus), we will have to re-evaluate this policy. Please do not abuse it and use it only when you are genuinely not feeling well.

Is the trip running?

  • An email will be sent to all registered participants by Friday at 12pm. Please do not email for information prior to this time.
  • If you do not receive an email by Friday at 12pm, check your junk mail. Then check the trip status page on the website. You must log in to see the status page.
  • This email/the status page will contain all the information you need for the day trip, plus a link to the COVID-19 screening form that will be used for that day.
  • If we must cancel a trip, we will refund you in full. A bit of inclement weather doesn’t deter us (even rain), but if we deem it unsafe to be on the hills or roads, we may cancel. We appreciate your understanding; cancelling/changing trips is a very difficult decision for our team, and we do whatever possible to get you out skiing. In the past couple of years, we have only cancelled trips when there were extreme weather warnings for high amounts of rain/freezing rain and damaging winds.
  • As in past seasons, if we cancel the bus, the entire trip including drive up is cancelled. 

Tip for a successful COVID season

Patience. Everything is going to take longer. Our volunteers are learning new procedures. Please have patience!