XC members take on SilverStar’s XC Supercamp

First day on skis for many of the group! Here we are at the top of the mountain all smiles in the snow. Photo cred: Heather Steel

Amazing early season snow, a huge trail system, mountain views, and top level coaches makes SilverStar’s XC Supercamps an unforgettable experience.

Break time after skiing to the sun at the top of the mountain! Photo cred: Heather Steel

This year, a group of HPSC members – including a number of instructors – got a kick start to their season from Nov. 30-Dec. 8. We participated in the week-long camp, from all-classic beginner to intermediate and advanced combo and advanced all-skate. A couple members even tried their hand at biathlon (the real deal…guns not frisbees!). There is something for everyone here.

Getting pointers from our coach on the trail. Photo cred: Heather Steel

Supercamp places you in small groups depending on your skill level, fitness, and goals. You are led by an experienced instructor (lots of level 4 instructors out in these parts!). Generally instruction takes place in the morning, followed by a hearty lunch, and then ski time with your group in the afternoon. The combo groups do two days classic, two days skate, and one day the choice of the group. They shuttle participants on two days to Sovereign Lake Nordic Club, which has a teaching stadium and beautiful trails. On the final day, we did a fun photo scavenger hunt to close out the week!

The video doesn’t lie! Photo cred: Heather Steel

Being with the same instructor for five days does wonders to improve your technique in a short time, and gives you lots to work on when you go back home and ski through the season. We highly recommend the camps if you want to become a more efficient skier and have a lot of fun doing it.

One of the best parts about SilverStar is taking the gondola up to the top of the mountain! It’s a rare treat for XC skiers to get a ride up! Photo cred: Heather Steel