Some Small Changes on Downhill Daytrips

Each year your Downhill Daytrips team attempts to improve the overall process of trips.  This year we have a couple of small tweaks to let you know about.

Liberty Village pick up: As previously announced, on two bus trips we will also have a pick-up location in Liberty Village on the west side of Lamport Stadium.  Please see

Cashless Buses: Starting this year, Bus Captains will no longer be responsible for collecting cash on the bus for walk-ons or any other money. Any money owed will be recorded and will be billed onto your HPSC account.  You will need to pay the invoice prior to booking for another trip or paid event. 

Dedicated Bin for Ski School Instructors Equipment:  We have always asked that you allow our Instructors to get off the bus first so that they can get started at arranging for ski assessments and lessons.  However, most times they end up pulling off all of the skis from the bus to get to their own.  We are requesting that all Ski Instructors put their skis in a dedicated marked Instructor bin (usually Bin 4).  Members can put their equipment in any of the other available bins on the way to the resort.  On the way home, all skis/boards etc. (including Instructors) should be in the bin for their desired drop off location as is currently done.   

Rowan’s Law – concussion protocol:– In Ontario there is a new law regarding concussion protocols for young adults that all sports programs and sports clubs (such as HPSC) must follow.  All participants in HPSC (members and guests) 25 and younger must sign a waiver indicating an understanding of what they need to do in case of a possible concussion and ways to prevent concussions.  This is the reason that in registration we are asking if you are 25 or younger – it is especially important when you register any guest on a trip that we know if they are under 26 so that we can get them to sign the additional Rowan’s Law waiver.