Welcome new Instructors

The HPSS would like to welcome the new ski instructors to our team. We will be featuring each instructor in this and upcoming newsletters. Today we introduce you to Apolonija Battiston

I joined HPSC about 12 years ago to ski with people of similar ski
ability. My husband preferred Black Diamond runs, and I preferred
Blues, so we were often skiing alone and meeting at lunch. I wish we
had joined years before!  Having gone many years without ski lessons,
I had developed some poor ski habits which I have been able to
overcome with great free HPSC lessons on day trips and skiing tips
during HPSC bus trips. I was ecstatic when my skiing improved enough
that I was promoted to Step 8 about 4 years ago, but I found my
calling when I took HPSC Instructor Training two years ago. You might
have met me at HPSC Socials, climbing hills during SkiFit or on one of
HPSC trips, so you can guess that I enjoy being a member volunteer
with the club, but I love the exhilaration of skiing and I’m excited
to be part of the HP Snow School and share my love of skiing with
skiers of any ability, whether new to the sport, or nervous or bold!
I’ve become a better skier with Snow School’s lessons and the
occasional ski drill, but I believe that the positive comments and
encouragement of HPSS’s instructors are what have helped me the most
and I hope that I can help other members in the same way.  See you on
the snow!