Mogul Masters Clinics!

The One Day Mogul Masters clinics are back. The dates are Saturday, February 24 and March 2 at MSLM and Monday, February 26 and Sunday, March 10 at Blue Mountain. 
For more information visit the Downhill Ski School page.
For registration go to the registration page on the HPSC website.
*Important* Click the Mogul Masters option not your step level.

President’s Message:  Back on the buses!

Dear HPSC Friends:

I can’t believe that we are already one-third through our season! Attendance has been great for downhill day trips with almost every Saturday being a two bus trip. As well, we have had strong turnouts for our Sunday@Blue Crew trips. In fact, we had the largest turnout for a Sunday Blue trip in years on January 21 with an almost full bus. 

Our long trips and charters are now in full swing with multiple trips being away each week. On some weekends we have up to three trips away at the same time. The first week with just one trip out is not till mid-February and the first week without any overnight or charter trips is the last week of February. The photos posted from our travels to Japan, France and BC look amazing!    

While alpine members have experienced a good start to the season (despite the up and down weather), our cross-country members have not been so lucky. However, when they have been able to get out all seem to have had a great experience. I have to congratulate our Director of Cross-Country and Snowshoeing, Heather Steel, for once again handling the difficult task of making the decisions if conditions at the resorts are good enough or safe enough to run a trip.   

On the membership front, this season has also been very successful so far with the club just passing the 1,100 member level, with almost 400 new members, which is a modern record. Remember that you will receive a bus voucher when someone you referred to the club joins, so please continue to tell your family, friends, colleagues about the club! 

On personal note, it has been fantastic to be back on the day trip buses. After two seasons where I could not ski it is great being able to rejoin our members on the buses and to actually ski (although I have to admit I am staying on the green runs for now – but each week my leg is getting stronger). It has been fun meeting new members and catching up with old friends.

Speaking of the buses, I just want to remind members about some HPSC bus etiquette:

(1)  Boots are not to be placed in the storage bins above the seats. We would not want someone to get hit in the head when a bin is opened and your boot falls out.

(2) Please remove backpacks when walking through the bus – please carry in front of you. Again, this is to avoid hitting someone with your boots or bag. 

(3) In general, your seat going to the resort is the same seat on the return trip. Please leave the front seat across from the driver vacant as this seat is reserved for the bus captain.

(4) Please be in your seat at least 5 minutes prior to departure time. This allows the bus captain to do a final count to make sure we are not missing anyone and for the bus to leave on time.

(5) The only people who should be talking to the driver when they are driving are the bus captain or a member of the club Executive. If you think the driver has made a mistake, please talk to the bus captain.

(6) And finally, please remember that everyone is a volunteer and a fellow member. They have volunteered their time to ensure that you have a great day.  

Looking forward to seeing many of you on upcoming trips and at social events.


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club

Trip Report: Red Mountain

Your intrepid SnoBiz editor traded Blue Mountain for Red this past week and what a week it was! We arrived to a winter wonderland of extensive and varied terrain all the way from groomers to steep and deep tree skiing. Some of the group took advantage of an optional side trip to Whitewater in nearby Nelson as well as experiencing epic powder cat skiing in the surrounding mountains. Ski-in, ski-out accommodation was at the gorgeous 4-star Josie Hotel, with perks such as ski valets and saunas. Red Mountain was truly a bucket list trip!

Suzanne de Grandpré
HPSC Communications Director

Sign Up for Downhill Day Trips!

All February day trip registrations are now open for the bus. Drive-up options will continue to be opened on a weekly basis on Saturdays by 7:30pm. 

Be on the look-out for the confirmation of: 

  • A downhill day trip on Family Day Monday, February 19th
  • An extended après-ski social at Mount St. Louis Moonstone on Saturday, February 24th

There’s still lots of winter left, let’s get out to the hills! 

Important Tips for Roommates

If possible, HPSC trip leaders aways try to match you with someone who is in your age group, ski level, early riser, or nighthawk. On some trips, this is not possible if there are only a few singles to be matched. However, respectful communication and common courtesy will ensure that both parties have a great week, and may even form a long and lasting friendship.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Recommended quiet hours and lights out for a ski trip would be between 10 pm and 7am. You and your roommate can mutually agree to extend these hours and of course on travel days, they may have to change. This means no lights or sounds from mobile devices or computers. If you need to use these, please go to the lobby or find another spot in the hotel so that you do not disturb your roommate.
  • Beds/Storage – agree on which bed you take. Allocate separate and equal areas within the room to keep your bags stored, and split the closets and drawers evenly.
  • Temperature – leave the standard settings unless you and your roommate agree to a change.
  • Towels – allocate the standard towels provided in the room evenly. If you need more, order more for yourself, but use only your assigned towels.  Agree on where you will each hang them.

Note that if you have been identified as a loud snorer, require a CPAP or white noise machine, you need to sign up for a single room, or sign up with a roommate who knows about these.

Last call for long trips…

Registration for Killington closes on Feb 1.  Quebec City March break closes on Feb 9.

March 10-15 – stay 5 nights in Old Quebec City and Ski at Ski Mont St. AnneLe MassifStoneham OR Cross-Country and Snowshoe, hot breakfast daily.

March 17-22 – stay 5 nights at the Killington Grand Hotel in either a suite (with cooking facilities) or hotel room.  Enjoy the wonderful hot tubs with a view of the mountain and walking distance to the hill.  Discount provided for Ikon pass holders.

Sign Up for these trips before Registration closes!!


You may find the answer to your questions under the FAQ section under both the Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding and the Cross-Country and Snowshoeing tabs on the website. As we are a volunteer run club, this is often the fastest way to find out answers to your questions, such as bus pick-up locations and departure times and the deadlines to register and cancel for day trips.

New members can also reach out to their assigned Club Ambassadors for assistance but remember that they are also volunteers. Please allow time for refunds as they are also handled by volunteers.

The website also provides email addresses for specific areas. Please send cancellation requests to, not to as this is only a general information email.

We have faced many challenges this year with a late start to the season and unpredictable weather issues. Always check the Day Trips Status page on the website for up-to-date information regarding day trips and any last minute changes such as the addition of a second bus.

Downhill day trips need bus captains! 

We cannot run bus trips without bus captains. There’s a fun way to meet new members, help run day trips and cover the cost of your next bus trip, $35 in savings!

Day trips bus captains help lead our Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday trips. Bus captains are responsible for preparing and delivering bus announcements on the day trip, taking attendance, answering member questions, handing out lift tickets and completing end of day paperwork to be submitted to the Director of Downhill Day Trips. 

Bus captains receive 1 bus voucher for every trip they captain (value of $35).

Please attend an upcoming Zoom call to find out more information and to get some basic training on Thursday, February 1st, 8:00-9:00 pm.

Please email to register.

Attend Our Ski Maintenance Demo on Tuesday, January 23rd!

During this 40-minute session, Sean the expert ski technician will cover basic ski maintenance techniques, focusing on waxing and edge cleaning—essential skills for skiers of all levels.

The session starts promptly at 5:45 pm at Skiis and Biikes, 2063 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2A2. Following the demonstration, you’ll have the chance to purchase products, with a special offer of 20% off ski tuning tools and waxes for attendees.

Learn about the right tools and products to keep your skis in optimal condition, extending their lifespan and elevating your overall skiing experience. Don’t miss out! You do not need to register, however be there on time, as the store closes at 7 pm.

Spend Spring Break in Quebec City!

A few spots are still available for both downhill and cross-country skiers on the Quebec City trip! March 10-15 – 5 nights’ accommodation at Hotel Manoir Victoria, in heart of Old Quebec City, close to great dining and shopping! Enjoy magnificent Downhill OR XC/snowshoeing at renowned Quebec areas!

Downhill: Mont Ste Anne – 2 days, Stoneham – 1 day, Le Massif – 1 day

Cross-Country/Snowshoe: Mont Ste Anne – 2 days, Camp Mercier – 1 day, Sentier de Caps – 1 day

For a full description of the above trip and to sign up, go to the website. Book your spot before they are all gone!