Important Tips for Roommates

If possible, HPSC trip leaders aways try to match you with someone who is in your age group, ski level, early riser, or nighthawk. On some trips, this is not possible if there are only a few singles to be matched. However, respectful communication and common courtesy will ensure that both parties have a great week, and may even form a long and lasting friendship.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Recommended quiet hours and lights out for a ski trip would be between 10 pm and 7am. You and your roommate can mutually agree to extend these hours and of course on travel days, they may have to change. This means no lights or sounds from mobile devices or computers. If you need to use these, please go to the lobby or find another spot in the hotel so that you do not disturb your roommate.
  • Beds/Storage – agree on which bed you take. Allocate separate and equal areas within the room to keep your bags stored, and split the closets and drawers evenly.
  • Temperature – leave the standard settings unless you and your roommate agree to a change.
  • Towels – allocate the standard towels provided in the room evenly. If you need more, order more for yourself, but use only your assigned towels.  Agree on where you will each hang them.

Note that if you have been identified as a loud snorer, require a CPAP or white noise machine, you need to sign up for a single room, or sign up with a roommate who knows about these.