President’s Message – Greetings from Banff

I am writing this while overlooking the majestic Rockies in lovely Banff.

As we move into the second half of our season, I reflect on how far we have come since I wrote my first President’s Message in May 2020. At that point, we didn’t know that Covid would wipe out one season and significantly impact the next two. Finally this season seems pretty much back to normal.  

From all the pictures and feedback, our charter and long trips have been a great success. Both the downhill and cross-country teams have done the best with what they have been given. And there have been great accomplishments by members of our ski school.

And as noted in the last edition of SnoBiz, we have a recent record of new members. I personally have enjoyed meeting so many new members on the current trip to Banff.

On a different note, the club elections will be held on April 30th. We are only successful because of all of our volunteers. If you are interested in helping run the club and being involved in making the decisions, please reach out to me.


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club