President’s Message – Halfway through the season!

It is interesting that after two years of having to make major policy decisions, this year has been a horse of a different colour. We have been faced with different types of challenges trying to get back to normal. And our current weather has not helped. However, for those who have gone on trips, I understand they have still enjoyed themselves.  

We are currently halfway through our season, meaning that our final month of downhill trips will open soon. Please don’t delay registering. Since the weather has a larger impact on cross-country resorts, those trips open much closer to the date of the trip. Please check the trip descriptions for when they are available for registration. 

While overall, trips have run smoothly, there have unfortunately been a couple of transportation related issues that we are working through with our bus company. Please let me reassure you that I take these incidents seriously and have expressed our displeasure and concern with the bus company.  As we always have, we provide them with detailed information on pick-up locations and times and expect they will follow the schedule as close as they can.  Having drivers that do not know where they are supposed to pick up and when, or directions to the destination, are a major issue that I have raised with Attridge Coach Lines. We are also currently working on an internal system so that we are informed promptly when there appears to be a bus delay, and are able jump on it quickly, and then communicate with the different pick-up locations.  

On the topic of buses, one thing that many new members may not be aware of, is that you do not have to get on at the location you select when your register.  Or get off there either. If you accidently sleep in and miss your pick-up time and are able to get to one of the other locations, that is fine. On the return trip you can arrange to have someone pick you up at an earlier stop or you can jump on the subway. The only thing we ask is that you put your equipment in the bin of where you plan to get off.

To rebalance the length of time various members spend on the bus, last year we instituted a change to our downhill drop off order.  For background, previously members who got on first at Bloor and Keele (at between 6:45 am and 7:00 am) were the last to be dropped off resulting in these members being on the bus for a total of up to 6+ hours during a typical day trip – which was unfair. To balance this out, we revised the order on the return trip to continue in the west end after the 400/7 drop off. This drop off order had already been instituted on our cross-country trips. South of the 401, the 400 turns directly into Black Creek Drive and ultimately Keele St.  After dropping off at the Keele Subway station, the bus then continues back to Davenport & Yonge, Yonge & Eglinton and finally Yonge & York Mills. With this new drop off order, no members end up spending half of their day on the bus!  

I hope that everyone is enjoying the season and having a fantastic time on our various trips.

Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club