Ask not what your ski club can do for you . . . but what you can do for your ski club

High Park Ski Club is fully run by dedicated volunteers. Everything you enjoy about the club is based on the volunteering by your fellow members. The current term for all directors and the president ends in April 2022. All directors and the president can stand for re-election. 

However, our current Director of Membership and Volunteers, Ruth Schefter, has let us know that after two terms, she will be stepping down and will not be running for a third term. 

As such we are looking for someone who would be interested in shadowing Ruth for the reminder of the year and then standing for Director of Membership and Volunteering.  The person should be organized, tech savvy, a good communicator, and accountable. 

Time commitment: ~6 hours per week, mostly in the fall. Attending monthly board meetings.

Team:  Work along with the Membership and Volunteer Assistant, the Volunteer Coordinator, and the Ambassador Program Coordinator.

Duties:  Monitoring membership registration and membership statistics. Communicating with members.  Answering member and non-member questions regarding the club. Maintaining the list of Bus Vouchers distributed, and the list of club volunteers.  Coordinating the Annual Membership Awards and planning, along with the Social Director and the Volunteer Coordinator, the annual Volunteer Appreciation event.  Attend New Member and Information events, the Club Strategy Session in the summer, and the Annual General Meeting in September.

Compensation:  Directors build an understanding of the inter workings of the club, get to know a lot of the club members, work with a fantastic team, and have a say in the direction of the club.  All directors receive an annual honorarium, as well as two bus vouchers.  For younger members it is also a great experience to have on your resume. 

If you are interested or would like to learn more about the opportunity, please contact Ruth at .