First snow…

Was I ever excited to wake up to a thin blanket of snow this morning. Not enough for a ski in the park, but I had an awesome trail run!

We are getting ever closer to ski season. While the board is busy firming up our policies and procedures for this coming season, there’s lots that you can do to prepare for the ski season.

We are still running Ski Fit! This is a great way to get some exercise in High Park with your fellow members. Remember that this year you need to register on the website to participate. There are limited spots.

If you aren’t coming to Ski Fit, still get outdoors for consistent exercise so you are fit come ski season. Run, walk, hike, bike…whatever makes you happy! There is also cross-country ski specific training I covered in a post from last year. Don’t let a blustery November slow you down. It’s one of my favourite times of the year to run.

Finally, it’s time to think about making yourself – and consequently your ski community – safe for the winter. As cases increase, particularly in hot spots like the GTA, public health experts recommend that we decrease our close social contacts to keep the spread down and our communities safe. This is particularly important as the holiday season approaches. As difficult as it is, we know that prolonged, un-masked indoor social contact spreads the virus. If we want our ski season to run, let us, as the HPSC community, commit to keeping ourselves out of high risk situations. If we all follow public health guidelines to the best of our abilities and circumstances, we can keep each other safe and hopefully ski and snowshoe all winter long.

This bout of snow will disappear, but winter will arrive in full force soon. Do your snow dances and keep yourselves and your loved ones safe!