Welcome New Instructors

Today we feature the last but not least new (actually returning) instructor to the HPSS. Introducing Bac Phan. Welcome back…

Unlike most of the Canadian kids who started to ski before they can walk, Bac started to learn skiing when he finished university and spent his first few pay-checks on ski equipment. He decided to join the HPSC back in the 80’s as it was a disaster being taught by his friends. He took the IT program the following year and was invited to join the ski school the following season. He met the love of his life on the bus to a Blue Mountain skiing party weekend. He left the HPSC, got married with two kids and continued to ski as a family. During this time he pursued further ski qualifications obtaining Level 3 CSIA certification and Development Level (trained) coach in CSCF

Now that his nest has become empty, he is delighted to be back with the HPSS. He enjoys the outdoor fresh air and camaraderie as much as helping other skiers to improve their skills and achieve their goals.