What to expect on a XC day trip

HPSC’s fun snowshoe crew at Killbear Provincial Park! Photo cred: Heather Steel

Joining a club trip can be intimidating when you’re new. We’re here to help! If you’re preparing to come out on your first day trip with us, here is how you can expect your day to unfold. Note that times are approximate as they depend on how far the resort is from Toronto. But it gives you the general idea!


  • Get to your bus stop. You can find out locations here. Pick up times are communicated on the status page (log in to see it!). Arrive 10 minutes early as the bus waits for no one! Introduce yourself to the others waiting.
  • When the bus arrives, stow your skis below the bus and get on with your bag(s) and ski boots.
  • Choose a seat. Don’t be shy! You will sit in the same seat on the way back.


  • Once all skiers are on the bus and we are on the highway, the bus captain will make announcements about the day.
  • The bus captain will then come around and check off your name and ensure that you are registered correctly for the activities you want to do. If not, you may owe money (to be paid online after the trip) or you may be owed a refund.
  • The ski school director will come around and confirm lessons. Don’t worry if you didn’t sign up for a lesson online, you can add yourself to one on the bus.


  • Upon arrival, the renters get off with the instructors and go get their equipment. The bus captain goes inside to get the trail passes. Everyone else remains on the bus. There are  a couple exceptions to this; listen to the bus captains’ instructions.
  • The bus captain returns, and everyone gets off the bus, collects their trail pass from the bus captain and equipment from under the bus, and heads to the chalet.
  • Find a place inside to put your bags and get ready. Ask other members if you aren’t sure where you can store bags. Sometimes we have our own room, other times we are with the general public. Cross-country resorts are generally very safe; while you should carry valuables with you (i.e., wallet, phone), theft is rare.
  • Students meet their instructors in front of the chalet approx. 30 mins after arrival. Not taking lessons? Go ski!


One of our instructors talking step turns with her intermediate group. Photo cred: Heather Steel.
  • Lessons. Classes will normally have lunch together after the lesson, but you are not obligated if you have other people you want to eat with.


  • Free ski time!
  • There may be a race, or another fun activity, scheduled. 
  • The bus leaves promptly at 430pm. Be sure you are back to the chalet in enough time to get ready and be on the bus by 425pm.
  • Put your equipment in the marked return bin (based on where you are getting off the bus), sit in the same seat you were in on the way up, and enjoy the ride home!
You can enjoy a hot chocolate stop on the trails with your new friends! Photo cred: Heather Steel

If you are new and have additional questions, see our FAQ. If your question is not answered, email crosscountry@hpsc.ca.