President’s Message – Nearing the end of the season

It always surprises me each year how quickly we come to the end of our season. Nine months of planning for approximately 3 months of trips (if we are lucky!).

While this year has generally been very positive, with strong membership numbers, high engagement in social events, strong demand for our charter and overnight trips, and good turnout for day trips, the weather has definitely thrown a wrench into our plans. 

After a late start and continuous juggling by our Cross-Country team, unfortunately the weather just did not co-operate and they had to call it a season at the end of February. Congratulations to Heather and her team for doing a fantastic job with what was available. Hopefully next year will be less stressful. 

One area that has gone very well is our charter and overnight trips – it appears that most of the trips have experienced good conditions.  And we hope this streak continues with the remaining trips – currently members are in Quebec City and Banff. Next week is the trip to Killington, and the weekend trip to Tremblant. The season ends with the trip to the Club Med at Charlevoix the last week of March. I am also pleased that we have been able to offer numerous options for our cross-country members on the charter and overnight trips. 

Downhill day trips have had ups and downs, with good numbers for almost all days (including strong numbers for Sunday trips to Blue), with the exception of Wednesday trips. Unfortunately, the weather as well will not likely allow us to run all of the trips we had planned. However, we will run trips so long as there remains strong registration. 

Last spring we had a very high level of participation in our group Ikon sales program. We are finalizing the details for this year and will be providing all of the information shortly. While passes go on sale this week, please hold off purchasing your pass until we have our group plan set up. Last year, we had enough sales to hold a draw for four of those who purchased their passes to be rebated the cost. 

As I have mentioned previously, the annual election will be held on April 30th at the National Yacht Club. As we have done in the past few years, the meeting will be a hybrid meeting. The official notice will go out by the end of the month. 

Speaking of the election, some members have asked if I will run for another term as President. I have been President for two full terms (four years). But due to the extraordinary circumstances of the first three years of my time as President, I have decided to run for a further one-year term so that I can remain President through to the end of our 75th Anniversary year.


Justin Graham

President, High Park Ski Club