Sunday Ski Crossfit Classes

Back by popular demand! Ski Crossfit is a great way to get into tip-top shape for the upcoming ski/snowboard/snowshoe season.  The series runs for 7 weeks, beginning Sunday, October 15, 2023 at 5 pm.  Each workout emphasizes strength, power, speed, agility, coordination, mobility, flexibility and –most importantly–proper form for injury prevention.  All exercises can be modified based on participants’ fitness and comfort levels. 

Where: CrossFit Eglinton – Side Unit, 881 Eglinton Ave. W. Free parking is available on Peveril Hill, Chiltern Hill and Dewbourne.

When: Oct 15-Nov 26, 5 pm

How much: These classes are normally $30 per class when bought as a package, but HPSC is offering them to members for $15!

What to bring: Comfortable gym clothes, clean/ indoor running shoes, a water bottle and towel. 

The staff currently train athletes from many sports. They implement strength and conditioning programs for both performance enhancement and injury prevention for athletes of ALL levels. CrossFit Eglinton / SXS Fitness is also an official partner of Alpine Ontario where they provide fitness testing and contribute to weekly articles on a wide variety of topics ranging from stress relief tactics to nutrition to the best exercises/stretches to do at home.

Register here.