Upcoming Election Night – April 26, 2023

HPSC Election night is part of our annual calendar and is mandated by our By-laws (so as long as there are open roles on the executive) to occur prior to the end of April. This year election night is April 26 live at the National Yacht Club and virtual via Zoom. Please register here.

This year there are four open positions up for election on the board of which three are open to the general membership. The fourth is Director of Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding (Snow School) which is elected among the Snow School.

The following three members in good standing have stepped forward to run for the following board positions:

Director of Administration:  Wendy Rangel

I learned to ski with HPSC back in 2012; the dynamic, friendliness and support of all team members back then made my experience unique. I am back at the club because of the great experience that I had, and I really want to ski more! HPSC is an excellent place to do that with all the downhill and trip options plus I really think it is a great place to meet new people and to enjoy social activities, all year around.

Because of the fond memories that I have of the club, I would like to run for Director of Administration. I have been an Executive Assistant for over 15 years, and have plenty of experience with different administrative tasks plus a genuine interest in supporting the rest of the board members to keep the club as one of the best in the city.

If I am elected for this important role, I look forward to getting to know you all and to working together, fun times ahead for sure!

Director of Finance:  Francis Rementilla

HPSC receives the credit for all my lessons as a downhill skier. I was a member of HPSC from 1993 to 1999. I joined HPSC because I wanted to learn how to ski, but I stayed because of the friendships that I made. I rejoined the club in 2022 as a XC skier.

I have experienced helping HPSC as a Day Trip bus captain, social committee volunteer, and a “sign up” call center volunteer (that committee no longer exists nowadays thanks to the web). 

I enjoyed being a volunteer with the Finance committee for a few years and became the Finance Director in 1997. I would like to help our club again in that role by guiding our organization’s budget and expenses in these unique times.

Director of IT:  Peter Kovalchuk

I joined HPSC in 2021 and have enjoyed every trip with the club.

I’m an accomplished IT professional with a passion for outdoors activities – camping, biking and skiing (both cross country and alpine). I learned cross country skiing at the age of 7 and switched to alpine at 28. Still learning 🙂 

I have extensive IT experience both in software development and system administration/architecture. 

I like to juggle multiple hats. During the weekdays I’m Senior GIS Systems Architect. On weekends I’m IT Administrator for the small private manufacturing company. In my spare time I teach Internet GIS at Chang School of Continuous education (Toronto Metropolitan University). It is very difficult to find IT problem I haven’t seen before!


We require a quorum of 75 members in good standing including up to 15 proxy votes in order to official hold the election.  If you are unable to attend in person or virtual, please send in a proxy vote.  The proxy form is found on the club website under About Us/Club Document/2023 Election, and there is a link on the registration page.