It’s not too early to start thinking about next season!

We’ve had tremendous demand for long trips this season so I’m pleased to tell you that we will be planning even more trips for next season. With the addition of Sun Peaks to the Ikon pass, we’ve planned for two trips next year to that destination. We will also have two trips to Banff. Both of these HPSC favorites had long waiting lists and we want members to have the best chances to be on these trips.

Be sure to continue to read Snobiz as we will announce our list of charters and overnight bus trips soon and provide instructions on how to apply to be an HPSC trip leader. Being selected as a trip leader is a great way to ensure that you and your travel partner will both be on that trip. As in prior years, our Club Med trips will go on sale first, followed by the rest of our charters, followed by bus trips. Dates will also be announced shortly.

Kim Wiebe

Director of Long Trips