Conditions update, January 24

Conditions continue to be great throughout the region! If you can, take advantage of it.

Members have been to many resorts over the past week. Hardwood is excellent as usual and less hard packed after more snow fell. Horseshoe also looks excellent, although the #8 (or the North Red, as many of us know it from the old days) hasn’t been groomed even though the website said it had been. That’s annoying as it’s a tough, longer trail. One member who went to Mansfield reports that they’ve got in a classic track and it was pretty good with just a few thin spots here and there. A couple members went to Albion and loved it. While conditions can be spotty if new snow hasn’t fallen, it is a lovely place we highly recommend. Mono Nordic looks like it’s got much better conditions.

There are snow squall watches out for Barrie today, so maybe more snow on the way.

Be sure to check the websites for conditions before you go to the resort:


Horseshoe (tip: Horseshoe is notorious for not reporting accurately. If you want to go, check Hardwood. If Hardwood is reporting sketchy conditions, you know that Horseshoe will be worse)

Scenic Caves


Wasaga, Arrowhead and other provincial parks

Albion Hills

Mono Nordic