Cross-country schedule online + registration procedure changes

As we get ever closer to the ski season (where did that lovely snow go?!), the cross-country ski and snowshoe team has posted it’s schedule on the website (in the season update). The schedule is subject to change as we work with the resorts to make this season a reality!

Regular members will notice a change to how our registration process will work this year. Normally we load the registration modules for all the trips at the start of the season and members can register for trips far into the season. This year, we are not doing that. Given the uncertainty surrounding COVID, we need the ability to remain flexible and mitigate losses should we have to cancel trips. Therefore, trips will open for registration TWO WEEKS in advance, generally on Monday at 9am.

For the first few weeks of the season, this means:

Dec. 29th (Scenic Caves, no lessons) – opens Dec. 15.

Jan. 2 (Scenic Caves, beginner lessons only, guided snowshoeing) – opens Dec. 20

Jan. 8 (Highlands)/Jan. 9 (Hardwood TBC) (both offer lessons and guided snowshoeing) – opens Dec. 27

Due to restrictions at the resort, we are limiting trips to one bus. If the trip is full when you want to book, put yourself on the waitlist. There are always cancellations and many people get on trips if they put they put themselves on the waitlist.

There are no walk ons this year. If you want to come ski with us, please register.