Downhill daytrips registration dates

The downhill daytrips week consists of trips on Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.

All of the trips open in the week prior to the week of the Saturday trip – for the Monday and Wednesday trip it is almost two weeks prior to the actual trip.  The Saturday, Sunday, and Monday trips are open until Tuesday @ 6pm of the week of the Saturday trip. 

The Wednesday trip is open until Thursday @ 6pm of that same week (6 days prior to the actual trip).  You may ask why so many days prior to the trip.  This year, resorts are asking for our list of names at least 3 business days prior to the trip – meaning that for the Wednesday trip they need the names on the Friday the week before.

Below is a chart of the remaining Downhill Daytrips with the dates of when they will be open to registration:

DateDayTrip CodeDestinationRegistration Opens
27-Feb-22SundayA2018Blue Mountain South15-Feb-22
28-Feb-22MondayA20919Blue Mountain Inn15-Feb-22
02-Mar-22WednesdayA20920Devil’s Glenn15-Feb-22
06-Mar-22SundayA2020Blue Mountain South22-Feb-22
07-Mar-22MondayA20921Blue Mountain Inn22-Feb-22
13-Mar-22SundayA2022Blue Mountain South01-Mar-22
14-Mar-22MondayA20923Blue Mountain Inn01-Mar-22
16-Mar-22WednesdayA20924Blue Mountain Inn01-Mar-22
20-Mar-22SundayA2024Blue Mountain South08-Mar-22
21-Mar-22MondayA20925Blue Mountain Inn08-Mar-22
23-Mar-22WednesdayA20926Blue Mountain Inn08-Mar-22
27-Mar-22SundayA2026Blue Mountain South15-Mar-22
28-Mar-22MondayA20927Blue Mountain Inn15-Mar-22
30-Mar-22WednesdayA20928Blue Mountain Inn15-Mar-22